Bound for Trouble

In the beginning of this episode Ash, Misty, Tracey, Pikachu, and Togepi are walking on a path when they see food in the middle of this path. Ash and the others think that it is a trap, and they decide to get a apple from a tree, but they discover that the apple is a false one! Right below they fall in a hole ( TR of course ), and Team Rocket shows up! They’re using a kind of glove that makes Pikachu’s electric attacks useless, Team Rocket handcuffs Pikachu and Meowth together, but a Pidgeot got both pokémon and fly with them a long distance from Jesse and James. But the bird is stopped because Pikachu did a powerful attack on it. Ash and the others are looking for Pikachu, Tracey uses Marill to find TR, and they go and encounter Jesse and James, they tell Ash that Pikachu and Meowth have disappeared, now in the forest we see Pikachu and Meowth, they are having a discussion until they see a great Rhydon. They try to escape and both have this felicity. Later we see Ash and the others in the Pidgeot’s nest, but they don’t find the pokémon. 

Meowth and Pikachu are starving until Pikachu get a apple and divides it and gives some to Meowth ( who is very happy with Pikachu’s behavior ), and a little bit later they began to sleep. The following day, the guys find Pikachu ( nd also that Pidgeot ), the bird is beaten by Team Rocket ( is this a miracle? ), then Meowth and Pikachu are separated, and Team Rocket blasts off... like aways!


This is LUGIA JMG. I've seen a Pokemon Jr. book with the yet to be released
episode called "Bound for Trouble" recently. I've gathered enough info to
write a review on the episode:

Bound for Trouble

        Ash and his friends are walking along and are VERY hungry. They see
food on the ground, but Misty thinks it's a trap. They pick an apple off a
tree, which is the real trap! They fall into a hole. Then, Team Rocket
appears. Pikachu jumps out of the hole and uses a Thundershock. Team rocket
are wearing special gloves so that they can't get shocked. Jessie and James
lock Pikachu and Meowth together with belts. They run away with Pikachu, but
get attacked by a Pidgeot. Meowth's gloves fall off and Pikachu shockes him.
Meowth tells Pikachu that in order to get down it needs to shock Pidgeot, not
him! Realizing he's right, Pikachu does so and the Pidgeot droppes them.
Pikachu and Meowth walk together trying to find their friends. Pikachu gets
very close to shocking Meowth a few times, but he thought twice. It was sad
for Meowth, being weaker than Pikachu.

        In the meantime, Tracey was using Marrill to seek the two Pokemon.
Jessie and James were searching by air in their balloon. Both sides had no
luck whatsoever, though.

        Back with Pikachu and Meowth. They are both grabbing for an apple on
a tree. Obviosly, Pikachu gets it first. Feeling Meowth's sorrow, Pikachu
divides the apple for him. Meowth is moved by Pikachu's generosity. They
encounter a giant Rhydon, much like in "Island of the Giant Pokemon." The two
run and run, but soon hit a dead end. Piikachu tries to shock it, but
electric attacks aren't effective. Pikachu tells Meowth it has a plan. They
jump on the Rhydon's head. Meowth tickles the Rhydon, while Pikachu shocks
its mouth. Rhydon runs in pain. The two Pokemon agree that they make a good
team. As night falls, Pikachu and Meowth fall asleep together. Meowth thinks
about Pikachu and all the times it had shocked him. But right now, he saw it
as a friend.

        In the morning the "newfound friends" are attacked by the Pidgeot and
Rhydon, followed by Ash, Tracey, Misty, Togepi, Jessie, and James. Jessie's
Arbok scares away Pidgeot, and Ash defeats Rhydon. Meowth runs to Jessie and
James (dragging Pikachu behind him) and asked them what they were doing while
he was lost. James said they were looking for him but found the Rhydon. They
chased it to Meowth. With tears in Meowth's eyes, Pikachu dragged him as he
ran twards Ash. They hugged each other. Jessie dropped the key and Ash
separated the two. Jessie and James make another attempt to steal Pikachu,
but the easily fail because of Togepi's Metronome.


Rating: It was a cute story, but I haven't seen the actual episode. I'd give
it 3/5 stars for now.