EPISODE 103 - Pokemon Water War


Note: The new Pokemon episodes in America are out of order and won’t be in the same order as the Japanese episodes. now to the review!  

Okay, this is another of the long chain of "Tracy" episodes where nothing at all is accomplished, except another of Team Rocket's losses.  Others under this category are Way Off Day Off, the Joy of Pokemon, or Mandrin Island Mismatch.  Been there, done that.

    To the episode, Ash, Misty, and Tracy land on yet another island, and, of course, someting is wrong.  This time, a building is on fire.  Squirtle and Staryu help to put it out, but are to weak.  A band of Wartortle puts it out, because they are owned by a fire fighter.

    Squirtle, like Pikachu in Electric Shock Showdown, is mad becuz his evolved form is more capable than he is, so Ash has Squirtle trained with the firefighter Wartortle.    Needless to say, TR has their eyes on the tough Wartortles, so they (what else?) lure them into a big hole, and also capture Pikachu and Squirtle.     PAUSE.  In Ash's unseccessful battle to get back Pikachu, they are smogged, but Scyther blows it back with Sword Dance.  Sword Dance does not blow back things, it increases attack.  In Fourth Round Rumble, it makes more than one Scy.  In Showdown at Dark City, it increases attack.  While I'm mentioning things that have nothing to do with the plot, what's with Meowth's Chior, instead of Pikachu's Jukebox?  In general, I have nothing against Team Rocket, and I'm glad they are appearing more, but a Meowth with a guitar singing with J,J and their Pokemon, is really stretching the limit.  Back to the story.

    The search goes on for a while, Team Rocket blasts off, of course, and Squirtle and Wartortle save a little kid in a burning building.  Everybody is happy and they leave, and the singing Meowth appears about now.

    What a stupid episode. - Obiegirl88


Pokemon Water Wars

Ash and the gang are walking along when they see a fire in a warehouse. Squirtle and Staryu try to put it out, but they weren’t strong enough! A flaming door almost landed on Misty, Ash, Squirtle, and Staryu, but a group of Wartortle firefighters moved them out of the way. The Wartortle quickly turn to the fire. Their Water Gun attacks - though puny - put out the flames. Squirtle gets jealous and reaches in its shell and puts on its Squirtle Squad glasses. Ash tells Tracey about Squirtles gang and how they became firefighters after they trusted Ash. The owner of the Wartortle says that there are 3 groups of Pokemon: Team Squirtle, Team Wartortle, and Team Blastoise. Team Rocket sets up a trap and gets Ash’s Squirtle and Pikachu and Team Wortortle. A little while later, there’s a report on a huge fire. They say that Team Blastoise is being blocked by a truck and Team Squirtle are trying hard but can’t put out the fire! Misty goes to the fire with Scyther and Marill to help out. Venonat finds Team Rocket and rescues Team Wartortle and Ash’s Pokemon. The Pokemon all start to put out the fire, but a little boy is stuck inside. Squirtle and 1 of the Wartortle save the boy and the fire is put out. After being thanked Ash and his friends sail on.  There was another Meowth’s Party song at the end. It was in Japanese this time.

I’d give this episode 3/5 stars. It was good, but there wasn’t too much done.


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