Episode 111 The Underground Round up

Ash, Misty, and Tracey are on their way back to Pallet Town when they reach and island where a ferry is supposed to from their to Pallet Town. The town is deserted except for tons of electrode. Togepi befriends a Voltob but then tons of electrode appear. A guy saves them who says heys a diglett rancher. He is moving the electrode to a field away from town on the mainland. 

He gets a phone call from the mayor saying he has hired somebody else to get rid of the electrode. Team Rocket shows up with a machine to make the electrode explode so they can catch them. The Voltorb and Pickachu save the electrode while the guys dugdrio stops Team Rocket. The guys diglett send the last of the the electrode to the field so all the towns people can return. They go by balloon to the field where they let the Voltob go back with the electrode. They say goodbye to the guy and head toward Pallet Town on the ferry.      

. - ImtoNoble


Ash, Misty, and Tracey are heading back to Pallet Town and the only way to get there is by ferry. When they reach the bridge to get to the island where the ferry is some of it collapses, so they row there. Then when they get there they discover it is completly deserted. Togepi becomes friends with a voltorb whenall of a sudden tons and tons of electrode appear and start blowing up. They are saved by a man who is a diglett rancher. He is using the Diglett to get the Electode a meadow on the mainland where they can live peacefully.

The once theyare safe from the Electrodes they get a call from the Mayor saying that he was taking to all so he has hired someone to exterimate the Electrode. The Team Rocket appears and has a machine to make the Electrode blow up so that they can give them to the boss. Pikachu and Voltorb try but Team Rocket's machine is shock prof.  The the Rancher uses his dugtrio to dtop Team Rocket and finish the job. Then all the people return to town and they are all so happy to be back. They go and see the Electrode all having fun and the Voltorb and Togepi say good bye. And Ash and friends finally sail home on the ferry. The End - Lily Lucky