U.S. Episode # 84:

The Crystal Onix - First aired in U.S. February 2000                           

Ash, Tracy, Misty and Pikachu are riding on Lapras when they spot a bottle

in the ocean with a note in it. They look at the note and it says if any
trainers have information about the Crystal Onix to let the girl know. They
stop at an island and look around. They have a market full of crystal shops.
Ash sees a man talking to a little girl. He says to close down her shop. They
talk to her and they find out she is the one who wrote the note. They meet
the girl's brother and he says he wants to capture the crystal Onix for an
inspiration on making crystal pokemon. They head out to look for the Onix.
Tracy sends out Venonat and holds up a sculpture of an Onix. He tells Venonat
to look for it. It stops at a pile of rocks that looks like an Onix. Tracy
sends out a Marril and plays a recording of an Onix for Marril to find. The
gangs follows Marril but fall in a trap made by Team Rocket. They get out and
later find Team Rocket in their own traps. Marril leads them in a cave and
dives in a pool. Then he hops out and you see an Onix head. Then the Onix
pops out. The girl's brother sends out Cloyster to battle Onix. The Cloyster
gets hit by Onix and flies into a wall. Then Team Rocket come in and try to
steal Onix but they get smacked out by Onix. The girl's brother sends out
Charmeleon and tells it to use Flamethrower. It then uses Ember and the boy
stares at the Onix for a minute. He lets it go and starts heading toward the
village. When Ash, Misty, and Tracy head out of town the boy gives him a
small Pikachu.

-  Aspyrds


2nd Review

Ash, Misty and Tracy are surfing on Lapras in the ocean when they discover a bottle floating in the ocean. Inside there is a message, asking for help to find the crystal onix, on a nearby island. They decide to help, and surf to the island. On the island, there's heaps of crystal shops, and at one of them, a little girl is being told to close her shop. They talk to the girl, and find she is the one who wrote the message. Her brother, who is a glazier, has run out of inspiration to make glass pokemon, and needs to get some by seeing the crystal onix. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is in town, and looking at some crystal stuff to steal. They accidentally break some, and are forced to work to pay for it. While working, they overhear about the crystal onix, and decide to catch it for themselves. Ash and crew are busy looking for the onix, Tracy decided to use venonat to find an onix, but it only can find a pile of rocks that looks like an onix. Tracy then decides to use a different pokemon, marill! Marill has really good hearing, and hears a onix in the distance, and leads them to it. Marill says that the onix is on a small island just off the coast. All of a sudden, the water goes down, and they have a path to the island. But they fall in a hole dug by team rocket, and team rocket run for the island. Soon Ash and co. get out, and find a cave where marill hears onix. Outside the cave team rocket are stuck in their own traps, and are left there. Inside the cave they find the crystal onix swimming in the water, and the Glazier decides to catch it. He uses a cloyser, but this onix is not affected by water attacks, and the cloyster is defeated. Team Rocket then show up, but are beaten very quickly, and blast off yet again. The glazier then uses his charmeleon to attack the onix, and its fire attacks work very well against the crystal onix. Before the onix faints, it somehow gets inside the glaziers head, and he is inspired to make good glass pokemon. The onix falls, but he decided not to catch it. They go back to their shop, where he makes a glass picachu for Ash. End



3rd Review

Ash and pals find a letter that tells of a legendary Onix called crystal
Onix. They decide to check it out. The end up on an island that is famous for
making beautiful stuff out of glass. When they get into town, they spot a guy
saying somethig like "Your brother's work stinks! I can't believe you're not
out of bissnuess yet! He has no tallent! You're making ME loose bissnuess!"
About that time, Team Rocket is looking at some China. In all the fuss, the
break a plate and two other things (I forget what). Meanwhile, Ash goes over
to talk to the little girl. He shows her the letter. She cries out with
joy,"OH! you got my letter! will you tell me about the crystal Onix!" Ash
says he's sorry because he doesn't know anything about it. The little girl
then takes Ash and crew to meet her brother. They see all these wonderful
Pokemon glass sculptures. They start to tell the little girl's brother how
great they are. He say something like " No they're not! They don't have the
sparkle that my grandfather's had! His looked like they would spring into
action any minute!" then he thre one on the ground and it shattred into
pieces. he thin went on to tell them of his grandfather's encounter of
crystal Onix. He then showed them his grandfather's sculpture of Onix. Later,
they decided to set out to find Onix. Tery called out Venonat and showed him
the sculpture of Onix. Venonat proved unsuccessful as he lead them to a
rock. Tery then called out SUPRISE! Marrill! He explained that Marrill
usually heard stuff before he saw it. Misty said they must make a great team.
The little girl's brother played a recording of an Onix and Marrill lead them
to a beach. They then fell into a hole dug by TR. team rocked proceded to say
their motto. they then set of to the other island which was connected by a
sandbar. they got out of the hole and Marrill started them back on their
path. when they got to the cave, they saw TR caught up in their own traps!
They begged for Ash to get them out, but they said no. They went in and
marrill started to go swimming. he saw crystal Onix and jumped out. tery
called him back. Then crystal Onix came out! The little girls brother called
out his Cloyseter who was quickly beaten. He then called out his charmeleon
and TR came in. but they took care of them in time. Charmeleon beat Onix and
the little girls  brother explaned that he only needed to see it to have

- Venom 259


4th Review

Ash, Misty, Tracy, and Pikachu are sitting on Lapras when Ash sees a note in a bottle. It from a girl who says that she needs someone to help her get the crystal onix. Somehow, they find the island, and find the girl. She and her brother own a glass shop, but it isnít doing well. The brother says they need to find the crystal onix for inspiration. He says that his grandfather saw it, and he did well. Ash, Misty, Tracy, and Pikachu pity him, so they go off to find it. Tracy sends out venonat to find it. Unfortunately, it finds a bunch of rocks that look like Onix. No hope in Venonat. He send out Marril and plays a recording of Onix. Marril starts walking, and they start following. Suddenly, they fall into a trap. When they get out, they see that Team Rocket laid the trap, but they also see that Team Rocket fell into their own traps. They go into a cave and see a pool of water. Slowly, an Onix rises and the brother sends out cloyster, but itís beaten soon. He then sends out Charmeleon, his "glass-making helper". Charmeleon uses flamethrower and it seems to be effective. Suddenly, the Brother sees something in the Onix, a crystal like thing. He has the inspiration and leaves with out catching it. He makes a glass Pikachu for Ash and thatís the end.

This episode could be better, and here are the parts where: The Crystal Onix is supposed to be lengendary and exquisite. There should be something ancient looking, or something special, like in the Ancient Puzzle of

Pokemopolis. Some weird tablet or book could add a little flavor. The inspiration scene is a little unoriginal and way too long. This probably couldnít be helped, but Ash doesnít deserve the Pikachu, Tracy does, because he found it. This episode isnít horrible, though, because the venonat part adds some fear, and the Onix in the cave is sort of powerful. Also, the girl trying to help her brother is a bit sad and hopeless, adding a need which wouldnít be as necessary. 

I give it 6 out of 10. -Chris