U.S. Episode # 80:

- Pokeball Peril!

This is the long anticipated Pokemon episode fans have been waiting for,and heres

the scoop.The gang lands on Velencia Island tired and very hot.They all don't
know where the professors pokemon center is,however,they see a familiar
pokemon hut up ahead.The group enters the hut,as Brock is wondering if the
hut has any Nurse Joys there.

A Nurse Joy introduces herself as a

sister-in-law second cousin of the Nurse Joy of Saffron City.Brock,as
usual,falls head over heels for her.Next they are introduced to three
girls(the professors assisstants),which they show the way to the
Professor.The group is led to a lake,where a Gyrados surprises them.The
Gyrados is tamed by a trainer,who later introduces herself as the
professor.Once again Brock falls head over heels for her.She leds them to her
lab,where she shows the group a mysterious pokeball.She tells them that the
engraving in the pokeball resembles a Letter G-S.So she calls it the G-S

Ash tells her if it can be transported,but they try that and many other

methods,but no use.Ash then calls up Professor Oak,telling him that they
arrived on the island and got the pokeball.Later on,the professor shows the
team around,showing them the pokemon reserve.She sets up various foods for
the pokemon,and she later explains that she trained all kinds of pokemon
living on the reserve.The group is facisinated,preferably Brock.They then
recognize a hungry Butterfree who is not eating.Brock takes a taste of the
food,telling her that a pokemons eating habits depends on the flavor,not the
nutrients.Brock blends in some wild berries,and got the Butterfree to eat
again.The professor compliments Brock on his work.Later,at night time,the
group is asleep.The professor and her mates check up on her Vileplumes having
a ceremony of spreading pollen.

Brock meets up with them,but the professor

sees a wild Raticate run in the middle of the ceremony.Fearing her Raticate
in danger,she runs in the middle,getting hurt herself.She then gets treated
at a nearby pokemon center.Having returned to their huts,Brock cleans
up,getting the professors attention and gratitude.The group then decides to
leave,but Brock decides to stay with her at the island.After a fond
farewell,Ash and Misty leave wondering about Brock.

They then hitch a ride on

a Blimp,as usual,set up by Team Rocket.After they capture both in a cage,Team
Rocket wonders where Brock is,and assumes that Ash and Misty are
lovebirds.Unknowingly,JigglyPuff shows up to sleep Team Rocket off the
blimp,but leave just Ash and Misty sleeping in a uncontrolable blimp.The
episode ends as a famous cliffhanger scene.                                  

My overall opinion: The episode had everything and more,showing that Brock has left

Pokemon.We will miss Brock, preferably his lovebird scenes as well. A new
character will be introduced next week.Ed's rating:A solid story and a
classic pokemon episode.*****5 stars.:)

2nd Reveiw:

So Ash, Misty, and Brock are finally on Valencia Island (Or however you
spell it).  Now it is just to Professor Ivy's lab.  If only they knew where
that was.  They stop by a place that looks like a Pokemon Center where of
course they find Nurse Joy. Can you guess how Brock reacted when he met the
second cousin of the Joy from Saffron City?  They ask how to get to Professor
Ivy's lab, so Nurse Joy tells them the way to go.
    AHH!  A GYARADOS!  Wait, what's this?  A girl is its training?  You could
say Brock blushed at first sight.  So Professor Ivy takes them to the Lab,
where they see pokemon, but these pokemon look a little different than the
pokemon they have seen.  Professor Ivy explains when the pokemon come from
different areas they tend to look a little different.  But Professor Ivy and
3 triplets are upset about a Butterfree.  It has not eaten anything in 3
days.  Now they all seem to like Brock.  "I wonder if the're is a Southern
Island type pikachu?"  Ash asks.  MARRIL! (Pikablu)  No, don't get excited,
but it sound right.
    Well, where else to go other than, the mysterious Pokeball.  It is made
of Gold and Silver and since it has the letters GS on it, Professor Ivy
decides to call it the GS ball.  Must have something to do with Gold/Silver
    Mean while, "Come on you guys we have to repair this Blimp."  "Let's get
to work!"  "But I dont know how to work!" James exclaims.  "Are you
forgetting they have to make a round trip which means we get a second chance
to capture Pikachu."  So they get to work.
    "Wow, nice place."  "Oops"  smoothe mouth Misty for you.  Well we have
been working on our pokemon so hard we have not had any time to clean up this
place so we call it "Our Dump."  "Dumps are nice."  Ash says.  "Ah! 
Cleaning. soaping, cooking, this is a job for Brock!"  And before you know it
there is no more dump.  The 3 triplets who are related to Proffesor Ivy and
Professor Ivy herself seem to really appreciate Brock for this.
    At night Professor Ivy and the triplets are obserbing the Vileplume
spread pollen to protect their area. Brock joins in, "Didn't think you would
still be up." Professor Ivy says.  Oh no!  A Raticate is near the pollen. 
Professor Ivy saves the Raticate and Brock saves Professor Ivy, but they
still need to go to the Pokemon Center.  They wake up the tired Ash
scratching his stomach and the tired Misty with her hair down.  Everyone is
just fine.  Back to bed.
    In the morning Ash and Misty find Brock who is fixing a roof.  "Time to
go Brock" Ash says.  "I think Brock is staying here with us."  "WHAT!"  After
so long.  Brock says he can learn a lot of stuff as a Breeder here and that
the pokemon need Brock more than they do.  Ash and Misty understand and
leave.  But not with out promising friends forever.  "It's going feel weird
without Brock here Misty says. "Yeah" Ash agrees. 
    "Oh well" they still got to get home.  But how, not the BLIMP!  Well,
they have no choice.  Actually it is still down.  How will they get home? 
They see the Blimp.  It looks brand new!  So Jesse and James lead them into
the blimp.  A Jigglypuff jumps in at take off.  Even Team Rocket realizes,
"Where is that other twirp who hangs out with you."  Ash explains what
happens.  Team Rocket always makes you feel bad, right.  "Jess, I think they
are love birds!"  Ash and Misty are denying.  "Ooh, they are blushing!"  Ash
tells Pikachu to use Thunderbolt byt Team Rocket reminds Ash what will happen
to the Blimp is Pikachu uses Thunderbolt.  "Meowth jumps in, alright Romeo,
hand over the Pikachu.
    "Jiggly!"  "Jiiiiiiiglypuuuuffffff Jigalyyyyyypuffffff  "No Jigglypuff!"
James exclaims.  The door flips open and they get dragged out.  Luckily they
have parachutes.  Looks like Team Rockets drifting off again they say
tiredly.  Ash, Misty, and Pikachu are still trapped drifting away in wonder
land and our drifing off in the blimp.  What will happen to our heroes now? 

    Marc Dolgow