Cartoon 98

Get Along, Little Pokémon-

While crossing the barren desert of Mandarin Island, our heroes came across a vicious storm. To avoid the lightning, they rushed to a small cave. Suddenly, a dozen or so Magnemite were floating high above. They were absorbing the electricity. We soon learn that these Pokémon belong to a wandering cowboy known as Ethan. He chases after storms and uses his Magnemite, numbered 1-9, to collect electric power for small towns in need of it. He also has a Jolteon, which acts much like a sheepdog in order to round up the Magnemite. Team Rocket found all these Electric-type Pokémon irresistible. They attempted to snatch ‘em, but had no such luck. Ethan then got a phone call from a town in need of power, however, his arm was injured by Team Rocket. So Ash went instead. While he was riding Ethan’s Tauros, Team Rocket tried to steal the Pokémon one more time. They used static electricity to draw the Magnemite near. But Pikachu countered their attempts with what I assume was Thunder Wave. Team Rocket and the Magnemite then shot bolts of electricity at each other. Number 6, however, jumped in the crossfire and evolved into Magneton! The remaining Magnemite re-energized Pikachu and they all gave Team Rocket the biggest shock of their lives! When Ethan, Misty, and Tracey arrived at the town, the power was back up. Ethan offered Ash to be partners but, naturally, Ash declined it. Our heroes said their good-bye’s and continued on their way... 

- Kirk G