Episode 110 Viva Las Lapras

This episode starts off with Ash, Misty, Tracey, Pikachu, and Togepi riding on Lapras. Suddenly Lapras turns and heads in the other direction fast. They see a school of Lapras (one is Laprasís mom) they are afraid of them and they use mist attack to get away. Later they find out from officer Jenny that they are being attacked by pirates and that's why their afraid of people. They believe Team Rocket is doing it but they find out they were attacked to. They set out to stop the pirates and get Lapras back with its family. 

When they find them Tracey swims back to shore to get officer Jenny while Misty attacks the ship with Poliwag, Goldeen, Staru, and Squirtle.  Meanwhile Ash and Lapras try to stop the pirates Tenacruel who are attacking the Lapras school. Pikachu uses thundershock but shock Ash, Lapras, the Tentecruel, and the Lapras school. Ash and Lapras lead the Tentecruel away from the from the other Lapras. Misty meanwhile has tied up the pirates and taken conrrol of the ship. Lapras and Ash are surrounded but the other Lapras use Ice Beam and save them. In the end the pirates are arested and the Tentecruel are released. Ash sayís goodbye to Lapras who leaves with its family. Lapras jumps up in the air to show gratification to ash. - ImtoNoble


Viva Las Lapras!

This episode starts out with the trio riding on Lapras(of course) and Ash is
admiring his trophy that he won at the orange leauge competition. Well there
riding along when Ash's lapras spots it's family. The family ignores it
though and starts attacking the twerps. They away and Tracey comments that it
is not usal for lapras to attack like they just did. The go to officer Jenny
who says it's because of poachers. Ash thinks it's TR but it isn't. (their
telling the truth) It's atcually pirates. Well they go back out to sea. They
spot the school of Lapras and go towards the school. The pirates meanwhile
are attacking the lapras with Tentacruel. Tracey goes with Marill to try to
find Jenny then. Well Ash uses Pikachu to shock the tentacruel but Pikachu
ends up shocking everyone else too. Well the Tentacruel go away and Ash and
Misty send out the water pokemon of course. Misty dives off and Ash and
Lapras run away to bring the Tentacruel with him. Well the water pokemon
attack the ship and Misty ties the pirates up. Meanwhile Ash and Lapras are
trying to outrun the Tentacruel but the Tentacruel catch up. The boss pirate
person shouts use supersonic to the Tentacruel. Misty shouts you're not
giving anymore answers but it's too late. Ash, Pikachu, and Lapras cannot do
anything. Just as the tentacruel are about to use posion sting the school of
Lapras use ice beam to freeze the tentacruel! Well the pirates and TR are
captured and Ash says goodbye to Lapras.

I give this episode 4 out of 5 stars because the battle scenes are pretty
cool, but I don't like that Ash always says goodbye to his POKEMON! Gees! He
even almost said goodbye to PIKACHU once!



Everybody should know what this title really ment Live the lapras!
cause it was in Spanish anyway.

                                VIVA LAS LAPRAS
same thing In the ocean on Lapras's back. Then all the sudden Lapras gets
all exicited and turns saround and starts yelling. then Ash notices that it
group of Lapras and its the one that Lapras was proably seprated from Lapras
so Lapras started to say hi to the other they just ingnored Lapras and
started moving away so lapras followed
One of the lapras wanted to go back but the other lapras didn't. the reason
was that they were humans on Lapras back and so Lapras aimed a mist attack
at them and they lost track of all the Lapras.
Then they went to the police station and saw officer Jenny and decided to
tell what had happen. and she said there afraid - Juan