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Pokemon Trading Card Game Checklists

Seth "IRC Goliath" Jackson maintains checklists of all Pokemon TCG cards.  He's been kind enough to maintain to provide them here for download.  These are great printable checklists for your binders.  

These files have been zipped to conserve disk space & download time.  You will need Microsoft Word to read these (or a recent version of Internet Explorer).  


Computer Backgrounds

Below are some Desktop Backgrounds that you can use on your computer.  

Available in many different sizes.  Some of these are Zip files.  Grab the size that you need. Each zipped file contains one *.bmp file for you to use.  (You'll need unzipping software, like www.winzip.com).  Others are straight JPEG files.  On Windows, just right-click and save them.

Blaine - Gym Leader Background (preview)

Brock - Gym Leader Background (preview)

Ash Background (preview)

POJO Banner: Many people have asked for one of our banners to post on their sites.  This is very cool of you!  Here are a couple for you.  In Windows, just right click on the banner to grab it.  You can save it, or just cut & paste it into your site.


The above two banners were created by JonnyO.  The one below is courtesy of Trinitum.  Thanks guys!

Here's a 120 x 60 button created for us by Robbert:


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