Wherefore Art Thou Pokemon?

Ash, Tracey, & Misty are walking down the streets of a town and Ash has just commented on how old fashioned it looks when a young girl rushes up to them asking “Have you seen my Pokemon?” She then looks at them and says, “you’re new here, my pokemon is a Nidoran” Ash looks up Nidoran and comes up with a male one. The girl tells him her Maria is a female Nidoran and he then looks that up. The gang searches for the Nidoran and a young boy comes up and asks them if they’ve seen his Pokemon, he then says “you’re new here, my pokemon is a Nidoran” Ash says he’ll look it up again and comes up with the female Nidoran. The boy says his Tony is a male Nidoran and Ash switches his pokemon yet again. The boy sees the girl and they argue and hit one another accusing each other of stealing the Nidorans. They soon find the Nidorans and they are sharing a flower together obviously in love, but the two trainers break them up saying your too good for that Nidoran and leave. Ash, Misty, and tracey soon find out in the town that those two kids have always managed to catch the same pokemon and have always tied for first place as for whose was the best in competitions. They also findout they are next door neighbors and are surprised. Misty gets an idea to write them each a love letter from the other and includes flowers for the girl and a model airplane for the boy. There are several occasions during this time when Ash is accused of being immature and sulks with Pikachu. During the night Team Rocket tries a plan of staling the Nidoran by telling them to run away with with them and they can be with their love forever. The Nidoran refuse, even though they want to they won’t disobey their masters. In the morning the two kids stomp up to each other exclaiming over the love letters as a joke. It so happens the girl is allergic to flowers and the boy gets sick on airplanes. Team Rocket arrives and the Nidoran battles their pokemon each fighting for the other. The girl and boy realize this and watch on. Misty’s Staryu pops Team Rocket’s balloon after Pikachu goes and gives them a good shock. Misty accuses the girl and boy as being as bad as Team Rocket and then they decide on building a little house in between thir houses for their Nidoran and blush at each other secretly liking the other as they will spend more time together. Just then the two Nidoran evolve into Nidorina and Nidorino Ash looks them up in his pokedex and the rest live happily ever after.


2nd review

This episode starts with Ash, Misty and Tracey. They just got into town and they saw a girl named Emily looking for her pokemon, a female Nidoran nicknamed Maria. They decide to help Emily find Maria so they started searching for her. They searched for Maria in the park and meet a boy named Ralph. He also lost his Nidoran who was apparently a male. Emily sees him and they start arguing and fighting with a stick. Marril finds somthing. Ralph and Emily run off an they find there pokemon behind a bush. They take their pokemon back. Ash and Co. goes to a restaraunt. The owner tells Ash, Misty and Brock that Ralph and Emily apperently always catch the exact same pokemon and that’s why they always argue. When Ash and co. leave the restaurant they see Tony (the Nidoran). They go after it and see it go to the same house were Mary lived. And Tony was talking to Maria (like the Balcony scene out of Romeo and Juliet) Misty said that Tony was talking about love and stuff like that. Ash askes her how she knew, but Misty just told him he was too imature and he started crying. When Emily sees her pokemon talking to Tony she gets a bucket of water and she dumped water on Tony. When Ralph saw his Pokemon soaking wet. He got angry. He took his Pokemon to his house... NEXT DOOR.  Misty got angry that 2 people who live next door couldn’t get along with each other. She said that love was the most important thing in the world. “Even more important then catching Pokemon?” asked Ash. Misty called him a BIG baby and he started crying again.

Team Rocket was hiding in another bush and they got a plan. Meowth would talk to both the Nidoran and tell them to run away from their trainers & go with Team Rocket so they can be together (with Team Rocket as their new trainers) but they said they couldn’t disobey their real trainers.


Ash, Misty and Tracey were staying somewhere (it didn’t show where).  And Misty was writing love letters to Ralph and Emily. She was also going to send each of them a present. For Emily she sent a bunch of flowers and for Ralph a remote control Airplane (don’t ask me where she got the money).  She included in the letter to meet at the park. She said that they were to immature to admit it but they liked each other. Tracey said it was the same with Misty and Ash, but they both denied it! The next day at the park, Ralph and Emily went to the park they brought their pokemon along in a cage (Ash and Co. were hiding and watching),  Ralph and Emily got angry at each other. Ralph thought that she sent him the airplane as a joke because he always throws up on planes!  And Emily got angry at Ralph because she was alergic to the flowers!  Then they started arguing an fighting with sticks again. Suddenly some church bells rang. Two people came out of the church. Misty hoped them a good marrige and but then the couple said this poem:

On this our sunny wedding day

There is a trick we would like to play

Our Matromony

Was a phony...

And we’re taking these pokemon away!

The two then took away Tony and Maria. Suddenly a giant cake appeared and the couple stood on it. Then it turned out to be Team Rocket (Surprise!!!) The cake opened up and it showed Team Rocket’s balloon. Tied the balloon were some cans (just like the ones on a newly weds car as they go home.) Ralph and Emily are sad because they lost there Pokemon. They all see some cans on the road and follow them Team Rocket is puting the Nidoran into some kind of clothing so they will “look their best for the boss” Suddenly The gang comes  from behind a bush and Emily and Ralph take back there pokemon. Jesse sends out Arbok and James sends out Victreebell.  Emily and Ralph send out their Nidoran.  Maria and Tony beat them with a double kick but then Team Rocket came with their Balloon. There was a vacuum and they tried to suck up the Pokemon. Pikachu was nearly sucked up But he held on, and with his Thunder shock it looks like Team Rocket’s blasting off again.

When Pikachu came back down. Tony and Maria kissed and evolved!!! Emily and

Ralph decide to be friends and build a house in between there 2 houses. Now

Ash, Misty and Tracey are going off to there next adventure - JPoveda47


In the beginning Ash, Misty and Tracey are walking in this town that Tracey
says looks like it came out of a storybook. Then a girl comes up and asks if
they've seen her Nidoran. Ash looks it up in his Pokedex, then they look for
it. Ash keeps yelling "Nidoran" until Misty says, "why don't you try calling
it by its name" (which is Maria).Then a boy runs up and says he has a boy
nidoran and they look for it, then the boy (his name is Ralph and the girl
is Emily) sees Emily and they start fighting.Then they find the Nidoran and
Misty says, "pretty obvious what's going on here, huh Tracey?" Ash says
"huh?" and Misty explains that the Nidoran are in love. Then Ralph and Emily
take their Nidoran and go away. Ash and co follow them and the boy's Nidoran
starts talking to the girl's Nidoran. Misty says they're talking sweet talk.
Then Emily dumps a bucket of water on the boy Nidoran and grabs her Nidoran
and goes inside. Ralph comes and finds it, then Ash finds out that they're
next door neighbors. Then they go in the Pokemon center. Misty writes love
letters to Ralph and Emily and says they're supposed to be from each other.
She says that they're not mature enough to admit but they really like each
other. Tracey says "Know what, it's exactly the same thing with you and
Ash." Misty and Ash run up to Tracey and yell, "You must be crazy!" (yeah,
crazy but right)
Team Rocket (TR) come up with a Nidoran-napping plan. The next day, Ralph
and Emily go up to each other and start fighting. Jessie and James dress up
as a married couple (guess who's the bride?) and they steal Ralph and
Emily's Nidoran and say their motto and take off in the balloon. Then Ash
and co find them because Ash and Tracey discover that TR left a trail of
cans. They have a big battle and the whole time that the Nidoran are
battling they try to save each other from getting hurt. Then Ralph and Emily
decide to let their Nidoran be together every day, then the Nidoran kiss
each other and evolve. Tracey says, "I wonder what made them evolve, the
battle or the kiss," and Misty grabs his sketch book and smacks him, saying,
"Tracey you're such a goof," and Ash looks confused. Then they leave, and
the episode ends.
This episode was funny, I think it's a 8 out of 10.

--the Vaporeon master


"Where for art though, Poke'mon" Ash, Misty and Tracey meet two trainers in an old town. A boy called Ralph who owns a male Nidoran called Tony, and a girl  
called Emily who owns a Female Nidoran called Maria. Ralph and Emily are neighbours and bitter rivals, but their Nidoran are in love. In a Romeo and Juliet senario, their master refuse to let the Nidoran see each other. After many attemps to bring both poke'mon and people together, Misty gives up just as Team Rocket appears to steal both Nidoran. Emily and Ralph follow them and help each other fight off team rocket with their Nidoran. At the end they both realise they should let their Nidoran be together. The Nidoran kiss and evole into Nidorino and Nidorina. Love saves the day and Ash goes off to their next adventure! - Mohen


Here is a good review of "Wherefore art tho, Pokemon?"

After meeting Prima, Ash & Co. are heading across the
island to the next gym.  They come upon a girl
calling, "Marie!!!" so they decide to help.  The girl
says Marie is a nidoran, so Ash looks it up.  The male
comes on the screen.  She then says that hers is a
female.  Ash changes the picture, and then they split
up to start looking.  As Ash and Misty look, they hear
another voice calling out, “Tony!”  They head towards
the voice.  This trainer is also looking for a
nidoran, but this
ones a male.  So the search continues.  Ash & crew
find both nidoran, who are sharing a flower.  Misty &
realize what’s going on right away, but Ash doesn’t
get it.  Misty tells him that the nidoran are in love.
 Then both
trainers come and take their nidoran away.  It turns
out that the two trainers are rivals.  Later that
evining, Misty is
writing each trainer a “love letter” form each other.
She figures that the two realy like each other, but
won’t admit
it.  Tracey tells Misty that its exactly the same way
with her and Ash, they like each other but won't admit
it.  Ash and Misty both yell at Tracey for that.
The same evning, Team Rocket Has a plan to steal the
nidoran.  While waiting for meowth to finish his part,
pouts about how no one loves her just because she’s so
mean.  Meowth fails the plan, so Jessie comes up with
another idea.  The next day, the two trainers are
fighting worse than ever, which means Mity’s plan was
a failure.
Then a bride and groom show up.  After expressing
congrats, it turnsout T.R. was them, & they take the
nidoran. Ash & crew follow, and then the nidoran
battle T.R. and win.  After the battle, the trainers
become friends and the happy nidoran kiss.  Then they
evolve.  Tracey wonders how they evolved, the battle
or the kis.  Ash wonders aloud to Misty whether people
change when they get kissed, and Misty blushes and
says, "We'll just have to find out for ourselves."

That's It!!!



    Ash, Misty and Tracey are walking through town.  Ash points out it looks
pretty old.  He wonders if there were Pokemon Centers back in old times. 
Suddenly a girl comes running towards their way.  "Maria!, Maria!"  Ash tells
Misty and Tracey that they should help her find Maria.  They both agree.  Ash
asks who Maria is.  "Oh, you must be new in town, my Maria is a Nidoran." 
Ash looks it up in the pokedex.  A male Nidoran comes up.  "No, my Nidoran is
a female one, there is a big difference."  Ash looks up a female Nidoran. 
Ash never realized there was such a big difference between the male Nidoran
and the female one.
    So they set out looking for Maria.  Ash calls out "Nidoran!  Nidoran! 
Where are you?"  "Oh Ash, you're not going to find Maria that way!  Call it
by its name."  Misty tells Ash.  "Maria!  Maria!"  Then a boy comes running
down yelling "Tony!  Tony!"  Ash asks him who Tony is.  "Oh, you must be new
here, my Tony is a Nidoran.  Ash looks it up in the Pokedex.  A female
Nidoran comes up.  "No, my Nidoran is a male one, there is a big difference. 
Ash was suprised that he found two Nidoran in one day.  Then the two Nidoran
trainers see each other.  They both accuse each other of stealing their
Nidoran.  They look a little more and surely enough a male and female Nidoran
are rubbing cheeks with one another.  Misty knows it's love.  The Nidoran
trainers both think it's wonderful at first, but when they realize that it is
each other Nidoran, they pull Tony and Maria apart and the Nidoran let out
little wimpers reaching for one another.
    The next day Ash, Misty and Tracey grab a bite to eat, the chef tells
them that all the pokemon trainers get a long here.  "Not the trainers we
met."  The chef knew they were talking about the Nidoran trainers.  He tells
them ever since they were young they have been rivals.  They always tried to
beat one another by catching better pokemon.  But every year they caught the
same pokemon.  From Pidey, to Oddish, and many more.  Now they have a male
Nidoran, and a female Nidoran.  And at a contest to see who had the best
pokemom, they shared first place.  Misty thinks it is ashame to have two
people who have so much in common and not get along with one another. 
    They find the home of Maria's trainer.  With a Nidoran female looking
lonely on the balcony.  Suddenly the Nidoran male runs across to under the
female.  They begin to speak to one another.  Ash wonders what they are
doing.  "Oh, if you knew the first thing about love it would be obvious to
you that they were talking sweet talk."  Poor Ash begins to wine on his
knees.  "That's not true, is it Pikachu?"  Ash tries to say something, but is
just rejected and ends up on his knees again.  Then Maria's trainer comes out
on the balcony and throws something at the Nidoran male.  Suddenly Tony's
trainer comes out and yells at Maria for throwing things at Tony.  "That is
not right, it is obvious those pokemon were meant for each other." Misty
says.  So Tony's trainer takes Tony to his house, which in everyones
amazement is right next door! 
    Ash, Misty, and Tracey head back to where they are staying.  Misty is
thinking of a plan to get Tony's Trainer and Maria's Trainer together.  "I
got it, I'll send Maria flowers and Tony a toy airplane."  Misty tells Ash
and Tracey that both trainers are obviously in love, but they won't admit it.
 Then Tracey says.  "You know, it's exactly the same thing with you, and
Ash!"  DOOM MUSIC.  Ash and Misty blush and then scream like crazy claiming
they would never like the other.  So Misty mails them their gifts writing as
each one sending gifts to each other.
    The next day Ash, Misty, and Tracey hide in the bushes as the two
trainers meet.  "Is this some kind of a joke?"  They both say.  The girl says
"You know I'm allergic to flowers."  The boy says "Yeah, and you must think
it's funny that I throw up on airplanes!"
    And guess who comes to spoil all the fun.  Team Rocket!  With the usual
objective, to steal Pikachu.  With Team Rocket arrived it is time to kick
some...Rocket!  The Nidoran work together.  The trainers call "Scratch
Attack!"  Followed by "Double Kick"  The two trainers smile at each other. 
Top that off with a Thunderbolt from Pikachu.  And in almost record breaking
time "Looks like Team Rockets blasting off again!"
    The two Nidoran get touchy again.  They now realize their Nidoran should
be together, but they don't know how, Tracey has an idea.  "You live next
door to each other, so you can build a small house in between your houses for
Tony and Maria, and they can visit everyday."  They all agree.
    The Nidoran kiss and then they evolve to Nidorino and Nidorina.  Ash
looks them up in the pokedex.  Then Ash says "I wonder if everything changes
after the first kiss.  Misty says "I guess we'll have to find out for our
selves!" (AHHHHH!)  Ash lets out a curious sigh.
    And off our heroes go, to where no one knows.

Marc's Rating: 7 of 10.  It was a pretty average episode.  But Misty reveals
something, that I probably did not want to know

-Marc Dolgow


This one starts out with the typical walking down the street thing until a
girl almost runs over the gang asking for her Nidoran. They said they hadn't
seen one, and go on about their business. Then a boy asks them for HIS
Nidoran. They said they hadn't seen it, when the girl comes running up on him
acusing each other of stealing their Nidoran. Then they find both their
Nidoran together, one is a male the other a female, sitting in a garden. The
boy and girl grab their Nidoran and stomp off.
Then the gang asks a little girl in the city about why they hate each other
so much. She tells them that they always seem to catch the same Pokemon.
(Kind of stupid way to be mad at someone, isn't it?) Then Misty comes up with
an idea to write a letter to each of them, making them think that the boy
sent one to the girl, and the girl sent one to the boy. That plan backfires
when the gang finds out that the bouqet of flowers they sent to the girl,
shes allergic, and the boy gets sick in airplanes, they sent him a model
Then TR trys to steal the Nidoran. The Nidoran fight together and defeat TR.
The Nidoran then kiss, and evolve!
Tracey HAD TO MAKE A SKETCH, as usual! And then says that after you get
kissed, you change.
Ash asks if that is really true, and Misty says that they'll have to find out
for themselves.
Kind of makes you think that Misty and Ash are, well, in love, doesn't it?

I rate this a 6.5* out of 10 because the story goes away, then comes back at
least four times.

-Mewtwo's Owner