EPISODE - Pokemon Double Trouble

Ash and his arrive on this island to battle the gym leader. While they are walking people who run shops and hotels are calling out deals and stuff like that. One person is a mom of this kid, but when she sees ash and pikachu she thinks that Ash is her son. (See something here? Hint: Like Hypno’s Naptime).  Well then Misty is commenting about how she wants to stay in a hotel and the mom person rushes up to Ash and says in a loud voice, you’re back or something like that. The mom person keeps hugging Ash and mumbling some words and he’s saying he already has a mom or something. The mom person tells them all a story about her son Travis. Well then TR comes up in this huge Rhydon and they battle it. 

Well the mom person beats the rhydon with her Alakazam, and Ash and Co. find out she’s the gym leader! Well she offers them a suite (for free) in her hotel that she runs. Then Ash and Co. go to the gym which is in the hotel. Misty says it’s the perfect deal because Ash can try to get his last badge and Tracey and Misty could have their hotel they wanted to stay in. Well the gym leader suggests a tag match tomorrow. Then they all go into a spa and Ash gets overheated. Well then the next day they have their match. The gym leader chooses Alakazam and Marowak, and Ash chooses Pikachu (of course) and Charizard(of course) (there his two best pokemon).  Well they battle and Charizard almost faints but then Pikachu helps out Charizard and they battle as a team to win Ash’s 4th and final orange League badge.

I give this eposide 5 out of 5 stars because it was very exciting (the battle part) and the beginning was really funny (The gym leader thinking Ash is her son)



The episode starts out when Ash Misty and Tracey are riding on Lapras to Kamquat Island known for great hospitality and an orange league gym.When the trio arrive a woman on the street mistakens Ash for her son who left on a pokemon journey long ago. Then team rocket comes in a giant rhydon robot that was powered by Weezing Arbok and Lickitung.(they were running to produce electcity)Weezing does smog and blinds everyone. The woman then calls for her Alakzam and does phychic to block the smog. Then Ash send out charizard and together team rocket is defeated. Then the woman says she is the gym leader of the island. The gym leader said they would battle the next day in a double pokemon battle.(where they use two pokemon at the same time) On the day of the battle the leader choses Marowak And Alakazam. Ash choses Charizard and Pikachu. But Pikachu And Charizard wont work together so Charizard gets beat up really badly. But Pikachu Thundershocks Alakazam freeing charizard. Then Pikachu goes on Charizards back and dodge Marowaks BoneBarang. Then Alakazam charges up his hyper beam and Charizard is heading right for it! Ash tells Charizard to go up then Marowaks bone hits Alakazam.  Then his hyper beam goes crazy and hits Marowak. Ash Wins. ASh got a Jade Stone Badge and is headed off to the Orange League...

- Michael Vu


Ash& freinds finally arrive on Kumquat island. There, they see a really cool hotel but decide to get a bite to eat first. Just then a woman runs up and squeezes Ash and saying that she missed him. Ash explains that he does not know her and the woman says that he looks just like her son(scary thought!) After that Team Rocket appears in a really cool Rhydon robot! It is gigantic and is run by Arbok and Lickitung.  Weezing is in the mouth and is spreading smog and terrorizing everyone on the beach. The woman sends out Alakazam and Ash sends out Charizard to help. They defeat TR and they’re blasting off again!  The woman turns out to be the leader of the gym. Ash challenges her and in her gratitude she invites them to stay in the hotel, which she runs, for the night. In the hot tub, Ash rethinks his battle strategy and decides on Charizard and Pikachu to battle.  In the morning they begin they’re battle and she then gives Ash the main rules. Ash knows two pokemon but he doesn’t know that they must work together and that the first Pokemon to faint, loses the match.  At first, Pikachu and Charizard are fighting each other. Then, Alakazam and Marowak, chosen by the gym leader, gang up on Charizard. Pikachu saves Charizard by attacking Alakazam. In gratitude, Charizard helps Pikachu and defeat Alakazam and Marowak. Winning the match, Ash skips merrily down the lane with his final badge, the Jade Star Badge! ta dah!

Who’s that Pokemon: Alakazam

Notible Events

·        Ash gets the Jade Star badge/ Orange League/ #4

·        Charizard and Pikachu work together.