A Way Off Day Off!

It started off when Ash and the crew were on Lapras and Ash was complaining that he was hungry. Soon pikachu spotted an island where the crew decided to stay. On the island Ash got hit on the head with some sort of nut. Then when they were turning around to see who did it a whole flock of far'fetched came out of nowhere!!!
That's when pikachu and togepi found fruits and lead the crew to where they got them. First Ash and Misty took a bite but it was sour and Tracey gave'em the ripe ones. Then they decided to give their pokemon a rest too.
But the pokemon were afraid of scyther but togepi was the first to say hello. Then all the rest came to greet scyther. But charizard just stayed where it was and didin't greet it. Ash ordered it to greet scyther but instead he just
got burned. Then scyther looked face to face with charizard and it didn't look too friendly.  

At the same time team rocket had a day off, too  and promised not to go stealing pokemon on that day. But when they saw togepi with marrill, instinct told 'em that the "twerps" were here, and had the urge to go steal thier


Ash and crew were collecting more fruits and were going to put the fruits in the pile they made when they saw snorlax and scyther scolding at snorlax (or something like that). Snorlax looked hungry and looked at the pile and

suddenly jigglypuff  popped up from the pile!!!! Then u know what happened. 

They fell asleep and jigglypuff got mad and drew pictures on them. Soon it was time for dinner and Tracey gave the crew fruit sandwiches.Then when they were about to eat Snorlax came ate everything up!!!!!!! Later the crew were stuck washing the dishes and Ash was complaining that Snorlax did most of the eating and now they're stuck with the washing. Then they saw Marril playing with togepi. In the night pikachu didn't see Ash sleeping in his bag and found him sitting on a rock looking at his orange league badges. ( Then flashbacks of when he earned them).

Then a sleep powder flew over only Misty and Tracey and the pokemon except for scyther , charizard, and pikachu. It was James' victreebell and team rocket were about to get the pokemon. But as usual the crew awakens and one

of the pokemon (this time it was scyther and charizard) sends them off to the sky, "Team rockets blasting off again!!!!!"...."ding!!!" it looked like scyther and charizard was going to fight but they only walked the other way. Tracey said," They may be too tough to say it, but inside they respect each other." In the morning they set off the island, while team rocket were in the middle of nowhere but then they saw a far'fetch then they saw the whole flock and
then they were getting hit by the far'fetches and they said,"heeeeellllllpppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!"

- Marianakim


Tracey, Ash, and Misty decide to take the day off and let out all there pokemon to do what they want. Togepi is the only one at first not afraid to go to Scyther and rubs against his leg. All the pokemon then say hi to Tracey’s new Scyther but Charizard. Ash goes over to Charizard to try and get him to say hi, but just gets burnt up again. Tracey reports how Snorlax is eating less now because he doesn’t use up as much energy in his pokeball. He has made some nice fruit sandwiches since there is lots of fruit on the island and they are out of everything else. Snorlax however comes up and eats their lunch in one bite. Then the group complains as they do all the work cleaning the dishes while Snorelax just sleeps. During the night Team Rocket spots them and tries to steal their pokemon, but by mistake hook Snorlax up to their contraption and can’t pull him in. Scyther and Charizard were missed and slash the ropes blasting Team Rocket off. Scyther and Charizard act ignorant to each other and Tracey explains that they probably secretly respect each other. - ?


"A Way Off Day Off" In this episode Ash and friends land on a tropical island ful of Farfetch'd and decide to take a rest letting out all their poke'mon to relax. Chaizard isn't paying much attention until Syther shows its skill by cutting through one of its flame throwers. Team Roket holidaying on the same island see Maril Playing with Togepi in the water and go off to yet again steal the poke'mon. Snorlax eats all of their food and everyone goes to sleep. Ash and Pikachu go and sit by the water and remember all of their past victories, meanwhile James uses his Victorybell's sleep powder to keep all the poke'mon asleep and try to get them, but Snorlax is to heavy to move. Charizard and Syther are unaffected by the sleep powder because they are trying to keep their distance from eachother and sleep away from everyone else. The poke'mon are woken and fights off Team Rocket who end up being attacked by wild Farfetch'd.