The Mandarin Island Miss Match

Misty is exclaiming how she can’t believe how many battles Ash has had since they arrived on another island. Ash is also pretty smug about winning all his battles on the orange islands. Tracey reads about Prima (actually Lorelei) and she is having a demonstration where people can battle her. Ash goes up to another male trainer shows him his two badges and asks to battle he agrees sending out a highly experienced Persian against Ash’s Squirtle. Squirtle wins and then the other trainer sends out Tauros and Ash chooses Charizard. He burns up the Tauros and Ash making Misty say how he looks like Ash and is out of control and won’t come back into his pokeball. A woman comes up and sends out her Slowbro to use a powerful disable attack on him bringing him back down to the ground so Ash can recall him. Ash thought that he would be able to control Charizard by now with all the experience he has gained. The woman is Prima and Misty swoons over her because she is a fabulous water trainer and Tracey offers to sketch her. She invites them to come to her demonstration after trying to explain to Ash he needs to control his Pokèmon from his heart, but ends up leaving saying you don’t get it do you. At the demonstration Prima beats everyone with just one move. Later she invites Ash, Misty, and Tracey to her house and Ash asks to battle her. She reluctantly agrees and send out Cloyster against Ash’s Pikachu. Pikachu loses and she tells Ash that he needs to bond even stronger with his Pokèmon and that when she is in battle she is as unforgiving as ice, but when not in battle she is as calm as water. Ash says he will keep her advice in mind and strides forward one more step to becoming a pokemon master.


"The Mandarin Island Miss Match" Ash and friends land on Mandarin isalnd where Ash wins a hat trick of wins, soon the gang meet up with Elite Four members Preema,she holds weekly demonstraitions on poke'mon battling on the island and refusing to battle Ash. He gets bored and battles another guy with a Persian and Toros. To win he must send out Charizard who goes out of controll. Preema steps in and beats it with her Slow Bro. After watching Ash and Co are invited back to Preema's house where Ash demands a battle. Preema talks about her battling tequniques and battles Ash. She kicks his ass and Team Rockets too. Preema tells him where the next gym is and Ash sets sail to a new adventure. - Mohen