Episode 112 - A Tent Situation

Ash, Misty, and Tracy were walked back to Pallet Town, and Tracy wanted to find some good sketches to show Professor Oak.  When Ash got home saw Brock, and asked what he was doing there, and why he wasnít with Professor Ivy.  Brock curled up on the floor when anyone mentions Professor Ivyís name, and wonít tell them what happened.  Ashís mom is very proud about his trophy, and Ash gives it to her.  They ask her about Brock, but she says she just found him on the ground a week ago.  Ash, Misty, Brock, and Tracy decide to pay Professor Oak a visit.  Tracy sows the professor his sketches.  Heís shaking scared the whole time.  

Then they noticed that the professor lab was coved in a giant tent.  Of course only Team Rocket would do something like this.  There dressed up as clowns, and rope up Ash and Co.  Then they suck up all of the professerís pokeballs, including the GS ball.  Then a mysteries cloaked figure comes and uses his Nidoqueen to free Ash and friends, the pokeballs, and blast team rocket off again.  Ash hands Professor Oak the GS ball.  The cloaked figure happened to be Gary, and the episode ends with Ash about to battle Gary. - Frank Tamborino


Ash and friends finally make it back to Pallet Town. When they enter Ashís house they find Brock in the kitchen. They donít understand why he was there and they ask him about Pr. Ivy but all he does is curl up under something or in a corner and he just says he doenít want to talk about it. They Ashís mom comes home and tells them that Brock has been here for a week ever since she and Mr. Mime find he outside on the ground. Tracey becomes really anxious when he asks when were they going to see Pr. Oak. When they finally go to see him they find he is having fun with Muk. Ash finally delivers the G.S Ball to Pr. Oak. They then take a tour of the lab. First they go and see all the pokeballs there and Pr. Oak leaves the G.S Ball with them. They head outside and see all the pokemon and all of Ashís are happy to see them. They then go inside and Tracey shows Pr. Oak his sketches.

Then suddenly, a giant tent covers the whole house. They head outside to the pokemon and find out its Team Rocket up to no good again. So then they have a battle. First Muk vs. Victorybell. At first he attacks James but it finally battles. It uses razor leaf against Muk but it has no affect. Then James tells it to get Muk in itís mouth and orders it to use poison powder attack, but quickly Ash orders Muk to use poison gas attack and he gets Victorybell good. The itís Muk against Lickatounge. Jessie orders it to use lick attack but it has no affect. But then Victorybell puts Muk to sleep with sleep powder.

Then they throw rings at Ash and everyone so they canít move and then they use a giant vacuum to suck up all the pokeballs including the G.S Ball, and Traceyís sketches. Then suddenly the tent is ripped and so the balloon has nothing to support it with so it falls and releases all the pokeballs. Then the stranger reveals himself to be Gary. Then he battles Team Rocket. Nidoqueen vs. Lickatounge. Jessie orders Lickatounge to lick Nidoqueen but Gary quickly order Nidoqueen to grab itís tongue and use Mega Punch. Then Meowth uses scatch attack but his claws get broken and Nidoqueen is ordered to use heat but sending Team Rocket soaring. Nidoqueen helps everyone get free of the rings, and then Ash wants to battle Gary. The End - Lily Lucky