EPISODE 104 - Pokemon Food Fight


Note: The new Pokemon episodes in America are out of order and won’t be in the same order as the Japanese episodes. now to the review!

Pokemon Food Fight

Ash, Misty, and Tracy are walking through a field on a new island.  Rough waves have kept the group on the island for over a week.  The group complains about feeding their pokemon when Tracy spots some flowers between two big rocks.  When Tracy tries to pick them, the group finds out that the flowers are attached the the headband of a kid, who claims to be the best Grass pokemon trainer around.  Ash then accepts a chance to battle.  The kid sends out Gloom.  Ash thinks he is sending out Charizard, but Squirtle comes out.  When Squirtles attacks make Gloom stronger, Gloom is able to knock out Squirtle with Solarbeam.  Again Ash thinks he’s sending out Sqiurtle, But Snorlax comes out.  Snorlax’s pokeball, though, is broken as it hits a rock.  Snorlax gets up, and tries to eat Gloom! 

When the kid returns Gloom to it’s pokeball, Snorlax eats the kids flowers on it’s headband.  The kid runs away and Snorlax goes to sleep.  Before the kid leaves, though, he tells the group that a Pokemon Center is over the mountain.  The group trie rolling Snorlax up the mountain by having Misty continuosly putting logs under Snorlax.  Unfortunately, they don’t get far.  Tracy and Misty dress Ash as an apple after Tracy’s bait plan doesn’t work.  Snorlax thinks Ash is a real apple and chases Ash up the mountain.  Snorlax catches Ash and takes a bite, but the costume is too hard for Snorlax to bite.  Thus, Snorlax goes back to sleep. 

Next, the group makes a raft and try to float Snorlax down the river.  When the river gets rough, the group winds up drenched, but at the center.  The flower boy with the Gloom is their too.  A huge crowd is at the center for food, but the center is out of Pokemon Food.  Nurse Joy comes and announces that a delivery of food will arrive from Velencia Island(the one where Brock and Proffesor Ivy are at).  The island has no airport, so the crate has to be put on a  parachute to get down.  When the crate nears a forest, something grabs it and pulls it into the forest.  Team Rocket has the food now.  Meowth is now in his new robotic suit.  The trainers waiting for the food chase after it.  Unfortunately, Team Rocket will only give back the food for Pikachu.  To make things worse, the trainers agree!  Ash protects Pikachu, and then Meowth attacks.  Pikachu is no match for Meowths armor.  Snorlax arrives right before Meowth is about to capture Pikachu.  The two get into a heated battle.  When Meowth’s Fury Swipes are useless, he uses his secret weapon.  Meowth is thrown out of the machine and bounces of Snorlax.  Snorlax learns Hyper Beam and sends Team Rocket flying.  Snorlax runs to the food to begin to eat it.  Later Ash’s Pokeball is fixed and Ash’s returns a sleeping Snorlax. 

- Deepman147


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the episode starts and ash has a battle with a trainer. The trainer uses Gloom and Ash uses Sqiurtle (pretty stupid) and gloom wins. Then Ash means to use Charizard and the pokeball slips out of ash’s hand and it breaks. snorlax  comes out and it beats gloom then snorlax makes the trainer run away. ash  needs to go to the pokemon center because he needs to fix his pokeball but he needs to get over the mountain with snorlax out because its pokeball is broken. He finally gets over the mountain with his gang and snorlax. Then he sees and airplane dropping food for the pokemon center. Team rocket steals the food and wont give it back until they pikachu. Pikachu battles meowth in a machine and meowth wins. they say to hand over the pikachu. then snorlax gets angry and beats the hell of team rocket with its awesome hyper beam attack. ash gets his pokeball fixed and ash, misty, and tracy go back on their lapras

i rate this episode 4 out of 5 stars i like the hyper beam part - Articuno5792


This episode begins with Ash and co. are on one of the islands looking for food.  Tracey spots a plant between 2 boulders and looks it up in a book.  It said Pokémon loved it and when he tryed to yank it it was some sort of bait this kid had on his head to catch Pokémon.  The kid turned out to be a grass pokémon trainer and challenged Ash to a battle. As usual Ash agrees and calls out Charizard, but he took Squirtle’s pokeball by mistake.  Misty reminds him that grass pokemon have the advantage over water pokemon, so he calls Squirtle back and again confuses Charizard pokeball, but this time he sent Snorlax out.  When Snorlax came out, the pokeball broke.  Snorlax was asleep, but woke up when he smelled the kid’s Gloom and tryed to eat it and the flowers on the kid’s head.  The kid ran away scared, but told them there was a Pokecenter where Ash could get his pokeball fixed across a huge mountain.  The gang then does the impossible to get Snorlax over the mountain. They get over, but the Pokecenter is packed with trainers waiting for Pokemon food.  While waiting TR appeared, but this time Meowth was in this machine that made him stronger.  They tryed to steal Pikachu, but Snorlax sensed trouble, woke up and saves the day.  Ash finally got the pokeball fixed and Snorlax went back to sleep in it.  The End.

I give it 5 stars because it was funny, especially when trying to get Snorlax over the mountain and Ash dressed as an apple.

Keila from Puerto Rico. 


I saw an episode called “Pokemon Food Fight” today.  It surprised me, as your episode guide has been very trustable and it was not on the listing.  But anyway, here’s my review.

This episode starts on an island that Ash Misty, and Tracey can’t get off.  A storm has made the waves too high.  Misty says that they and the Pokemon will starve if they stay there too long but Tracey says that it will be easy feeding the Pokemon.  He finds some flowers between some rocks and says that these should taste good to the Pokemon.  He begins to yank on the flowers, and a kid comes up.  He’s wearing the flowers in his headband.  His name is Gulzar (I’m not sure I’m spelling that right).  He gets angry at Tracey, and he and Ash have a battle.  Gulzar calls Gloom out, and Ash calls Charizard out.  But Squirtle comes out instead.  Ash tells Squirtle to use Water Gun, but Gloom likes the water.  Ash returns Squirtle.  He calls Charizard out.  While he’s throwing the Pokeball, it hits a rock and breaks.  Snorlax comes out.  Gloom wakes Snorlax with a Solar Beam.  Snorlax sniffs the air and tries to eat Gloom.  Gulzar returns Gloom, and then Snorlax eats his “box lunch that his mommy packed for him” and his flowers.  He runs home, but not before telling Ash that a pokemon Center is over the mountain to fix his Pokeball so that he can return Snorlax.  He laughs maliciously and leaves.

They need to get Snorlax over the mountain.  They roll him on wood for about two minutes, but it’s too tiring.  Then Tracey takes his last apple, hangs it on a stick, and is about to use it as bait when Snorlax chomps down on the apple.

Then they put Ash in an apple costume (he looks hilarious).  Snorlax thinks he’s a real apple and starts to chase him up the mountain.  They make it to the top, but Ash falls and nearly gets a bite taken out of him.  Snorlax almost breaks its teeth, and it falls back to sleep.  Ash, Misty, and Tracey make a raft and float in water with Snorlax down the river.  They hit a waterfall, and they fall screaming to their doom...

...Or not.

Gulzar looks at them screaming for help in the stream below the waterfall and says, “Why don’t you just try standing up?”  They do so and find out it’s only an inch or so deep.

They get to the Pokemon Center.  A cargo plane comes by and drops down a (late) supply of Pokemon food, but Team Rocket takes it.  Meowth is in a Mecha-Meowth-inator machine.  Team Rocket says that the people can all have the food for their Pokemon if Ash gives Team Rocket his Pikachu.  Ash holds Pikachu tight and says he won’t let the people take him.  But they all begin to glare at him.

Gulzar jumps in front of Ash and tells the trainers that they shouldn’t even be thinking what they’re thinking, and that they shouldn’t sacrifice Ash’s Pokemon just for their own.  Jessie and James challenge Ash and Pikachu to a battle.  Mecha-Meowth-inator wins easily with its giant claws.  Then Snorlax comes through the trees...it just woke up and boy is it angry!  Little beams are collecting at its mouth.  Meowth-inator uses Power Swipes with the claws, but they get stuck in a rock and it doesn’t work.  He uses Skull Bash, but the “skull” bounces off Snorlax’s and hits the ground without making a scratch.  Meowth finally uses Mega Body Slam.  The machine throws him into Snorlax.  Meowth bounces right off of the fat on Snorlax’s stomach.  Tracey says Snorlax is using “navel power”.  Then the beams on Snorlax’s mouth collect all together.  It shoots a Hyper Beam at Team Rocket, and (surprise, surprise) they blast off again.

Ash gets his Pokeball fixed, he and Gulzar are now friends, and they ride off on Lapras (typical ending).

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

·        Raikou ‘00


This is LUGIA JMG. This is my review on "Pokemon Food Fight."


Episode 100

Pokemon Food Fight


        Ash and his pals have been waiting on the shore of an Island for a week because the current is too strong. They're running out of food. Tracey picks flowers for the Pokemon to eat, but it's really a boy named Gullzar. He challenges Ash to a match using his Gloom. Ash figures he should use Charizard (huh?) but Squirtle comes out instead! He tries another ball which falls out of his hand and breaks. It still isn't Charizard, but Snorlax (what's wrong with Ash today?)! He tries to recall the sleeping Pokemon, but his Poke Ball is broken. Gloom wakes up Snorlax with a Solarbeam. Snorlax, thinking Gloom is food, chomps over and over trying to eat it. Gloom is recalled, and Snorlax bites the flowers on his head! It also eats Gullzar's lunch and settles for a nap.

         Gullzar says that there's a Pokemon Center across a mountain where Ash can get Snorlax's Poke Ball fixed. About halfway up the mountain - after dragging Snorlax until Pikachu faints dizzily - Tracey ties an apple to a stick so Snorlax will follow, but Snorlax takes one bite without moving a foot! Misty and Tracey dress Ash as an aple and Snorlax chases him to the top. They take Snorlax down river and fall down the waterfall.  

        At the Pokemon Center a crowd watches the weekly supply of food fall from the airplaine. Team Rocket are watching from the bushes. Meowth, dressed in a mechanical suit, grabs the supply and the crowd runs after the giant box. Team Rocket does their motto and says that they'll trade the food for Pikachu. The crowd stares at Ash and Pikachu, but Gullzar defends him.

Pikachu battles Meowth in the mechanical suit. Pikachu - who's attacks aren't effective - runs away while Meowth puts on a brilliant battle show of attacks! Pikachu gives up, running to Ash.

         Just when it seemed Team Rocket would achieve their biggest goal, Snorlax stomps over ino battle! Meowth worn out all of his attacks to Snorlax, who isn't even phazed. Meowth presses the Turbo Skull-Bash button, whitch is more of an eject button. He shoots out of the suit and into Snorlax's belly, and it shoots him at Jessie and James and they all land in the water. Snorlax wins with Hyper Beam, then eats 1/4 of the food before napping again. Ash's Poke Ball fixed, the friends set off on Lapras and the journey ends for now.

         Instead of Pikachu's Jukebox at the end, there was a Meowth's Party song. It was a cool episode. I give it 4-5/5 stars.