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Join the Pokemon Apprentice League!!!

This league is provided for fun.  The league is run by fans of the Pokemon Trading Card Game.  The Leagues do not reside on our server.  We are linking to them as a courtesy.      

To play, you'll need a few things:

#1 - Get Apprentice with the NEW Pokemon Patch

#2 - Get mIRC

#3 - Get Signed Up With an Apprentice League

That's it.  To enter a tournament, just show up.  Click on the link for upcoming tournaments to see what scheduled tournaments we have going on.  If you have mIRC, we are on the server MediaDriven.  When in mIRC, type:


and then enter the channel #pojo by typing:

/join #pojo

This league also allows for official, informal league play.  All you have to do is find someone on IRC that wants to play a league play.  Once you play, click on the "Report League Loss" link above to report the loss.  

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