U.S. Episode # 82:

Fit to be Tide - First aired in U.S. February 2000                           

Ash, Misty and their new travelling companion Tracy head towards Maiken island, where Ash plans to challenge the first Orange Gym Leader. They are followed by Team Rocket, who have apparently traded their Gyarados sub for a Magikarp sub... which gets stuck in seaweed. I guess it was to be expected when you have a sub that looks like the lamest Pokémon of all.

When Ash arrives at the gym, he notices a coconut laying nearby. He plans to open it up to drink the milk inside, but when he picks it up a bucket of water falls on his head. A kid looking for a Pokémon fight played a little joke on him, but before things get ugly they are stopped by Sissy, the kid's big sister and Gym Leader of the Maiken Gym.

In the gym, Sissy explains that in the Orange League, you don't have your Pokémon fight each other. Instead, they have to compete in certain atlethic events. First up is the Water Gun event. In this event, Pokémon use their Water Gun attack to hit a number of targets. Whoever has the greatest accuracy wins. Sissy uses her Seadra for this event, and Ash uses his Squirtle. Seadra can hit all targets with one try, but so can Squirtle. The same thing happens with moving targets. When they decide on a tie breaker - one moving target, whoever hits it first wins - Seadra and Squirtle hit it simultaneously, so this "battle" ends in a draw.

The next, decisive event is the Pokémon Sea Race. In this race, the Pokémon have to circle a buoy in the sea and return to the beach. The one who's back first wins. Sissy uses her Blastoise, and Ash his Lapras. Just when they're about to start Team Rocket's sub surfaces. James is soaked and covered in seaweed... they used the Rock-Paper-Scissors method to determine who would free the sub from the seaweed, and James lost. ;) Anyway, they use Weezing for cover, as usual, while they fire a net to capture Lapras and Blastoise. The net is too small to get them both, so they end up getting just Blastoise. However, when they try to get away their sub gets seaweed stuck in it once again and they sink to the bottom of the sea. Blastoise swims back up, dragging the sub to the surface again, and frees himself. Pikachu shocks Team Rocket, and Blastoise lives up to his name by blasting off Team Rocket with the water cannons on his back.

With that out of the way, the race can begin! But not before Ash is informed of one more little detail... the trainer has to stand on the back of the Pokémon during the race. Oops.

During the race, the Pokémon have a little shoving match, trying to knock the opposing trainer off. Ash nearly falls, but Lapras grabs Ash just in time. This little distraction does allow Sissy to take the lead as they surf past the buoy. But soon, another obstacle approaches... a big wave threatens to overtake Ash and Sissy from behind. Lapras manages to hold off the wave with an Ice Beam, but Sissy is hit and is flung off of Blastoise's back. Blastoise manages to catch her as she comes down, though, and the race continues. As Sissy's Blastoise speeds past Lapras once again, Ash gets an idea... he orders Lapras to aim an Ice Beam at the beach, and use the newly formed icy slope to get to the beach faster. It works perfectly; Lapras quickly catches up and Ash wins the race by a nose's length. For his victory, Ash receives the Coral Eye badge.

After getting the badge, Ash and friends leave for another island on the back of Lapras.

by: Macc Maverick.


2nd Review


Who's that Pokemon?:  It's Primeape!
Pikachu's Jukebox:  2.B.A Master

    So from last time our heroes continue their journey on Lapras.  Lapras
starts picking up real speed and Pikachu almost fall off!  Luckily, Ash
manages to catch Pikachu.  Ash says it's okay for Lapras to slow down.  Now
there is just one problem, Ash is starving!  Misty is too.  "Well, I am sure
there is food on Miken Island.  There's a Gym Leader their too."  Tracy tells
Ash.  Ash is excited that there is a Gym Leader their.  When Tracy tells Ash
that he heard it is one of the toughest Gym Leaders in the Orange League Ash
is really pumps up.  He tells Lapras to go full speed ahead!
    Meanwhile...  Team Rocket is riding a Magikarp submarine.  Everything
seems fine, until the propeller gets stuck in some plant.  The ship crashes.

    Well, the gang has arrived at Miken Island.  They contact Professor Oak
and tell them what is happening.  Tracy, delightfully introduces himself to
Professor Oak.  It's time for Oak to go though.  Muk is slobbering all over
Professor Oak!
    Ash sees a coconut and runs over to eat it.  He says he will open it and
drink it's milk.  When he opens the coconut water falls from above him
leaving Ash drenched.  A kid comes towards Ash and tells Ash that he can't
believe Ash fell for it.  Ash explains he is a Pokemon Trainer.  The kid
thinks Ash really must stink.  Ash says he got to Indigo Plateau in the
Pokemon League.  The kid explains the Orange League is much tougher.  "All I
want to do is to face the Gym Leader."  "Than you can face me."  Ash was
surprised a woman is the Gym Leader, he was expecting a man.  The Gym Leaders
name is Sissy, or AT LEAST her brother refers to her as that.  Her brother is
the kid who pulled the coconut prank.  Tracy begins to draw Sissy, Misty asks
what Tracy is REALLY drawing.  Wonder what that means!
    When they enter the Gym Ash is expecting a battle, but that is not
exactly what they do.  Sissy explains in the Orange League they do things
differently.  The Gym floor and walls open revealing a pool and some cans by
the wall.  Sissy explains she they will have a contest of hitting can by the
wall, so choose your best squirt pokemon.  Sissy chooses a Seadra.  Ash
chooses a Squirtle.  Seadra starts hitting the cans first and knocks them all
down dead center!  Misty is not sure Squirtle can beat that.  Wrong! 
Squirtle knocks down all of the cans dead center too!  Sissy says they will
now move to moving targets.  Seadra hits all the plates.  Squirtle manages to
hit them all too.  Now it will b decided on however can hit the next plate
first.  It is getting tense.  It's up!  It's a tie? 
    It is time for the final test, it must be decided on a Wave Race.  A Wave
Race?  Ash has no idea what that is.  Sissy explains all it is, is a race
around the flag and back.  Ash says it sounds simple.  Think again!  Sissy
sends out a Blastoise!  Ash chooses Lapras.  Tracy mentions Lapras is one of
the strongest swimmers there is.  So they head for the beach, where Team
Rocket appears.  Misty questions if they ever get tired of that same intro. 
Ash points out they changed the beginning to something about Tropical Island.
 James is covered in the plant that covered the propella was covered.  "Nine
lives flashed before my eyes!"  Meowth says.  Is Meowth on his last life? 
Team Rocket explains that the submarine crashed, so they did a finger draw
and the odd one would go out and fix the propel.  James was the odd one.  He
went back to fix it and he almost ran out of air.  He got out just in time. 
Now the Magikarp submarine is back up.  They throw a net covering Blastoise,
they tried to get Lapras too, but the net was not big enough.  Jessie says
they can always come back for more.  Sissy does not bother to save Blastoise,
because she knows Blastoise can handle them.  How right she is!  Blastoise
escapes and throws Team Rocket back to rock bottom!  Meowth has an idea. 
They, will push the submarine like you would a car.  The plan works.  When
they get off they are greeted by a special water surprise form Blastoise. 
"Looks like Team Rockets Blasting Off Again!"
    With Team Rocket out of the way it is time to finish the battle, oh,
pardon me, the Wave Race!  What is this?  You must stand on the Pokemon as
they race?  Not just on the Pokemon, standing on it.  It is hard for Ash to
hang on at first, but he gets the hand of it.  So the race begins.  They
start out dead even.  Ash tells Lapras to get on the inside, but Lapras won't
let it.  Blastoise starts bumping Lapras and Ash almost falls off,
fortunately Lapras catches Ash.  They reach the flag and are heading back,
they are dead even.  Suddenly a title wave is coming from behind.  Right
before it can hit Lapras, Lapras sends out an Ice Beam making the part of the
wave heading for Ash and Lapras frozen solid, but it still hits Sissy and
Blastoise.  They are that close to falling off, but don't!  Sissy and
Blastoise start going really fast and pass Ash and Lapras.  Than, Ash has an
idea.  He tells Lapras to use Ice Beam making an ice road to land.  Ash tells
Lapras to jump on the ice.  On the ice Lapras goes super fast and beats
Blastoise by a neck.  YEAH!  Ash won!  Sissy congratulates Ash and is awarded
the Coral Eye Badge.  It is a seashell.  Sissy explains all the badges in the
Orange League are seashells. 
    So they head back to wherever it is the're going.  Misty says she should
have challenged the Gym Leader and won that really cool badge.  "You have to
be good" says Ash.  "What is that supposed to mean!"  Misty screams.  I think
you know.  Oh well, once again Ash is traveling on Lapras to his next

10 of 10!  This was a really cool episode and Ash won his first Orange League
Badge.  The new Theme Song is beginning to be good!  I could get used to it.

    Marc Dolgow


3rd Review

Fit to be Tide is an epic episode about Ash winning his first Orange League
badge.He fights the Mikan Island gym leader Sissy in a water gun
competition.You see the Orange league do things a little differently.(acually
alot)They don't use they're Pokémon to battle but in specific
competitions.The Mikan gym leader uses a Seadra in the first round namely the
Water Gun compitition Ash chooses his Squirtle.First one to knock down the
most cans win.You must use a water type Pokémon.The wierd remote held by
Sissy's little brother who trisked Ash before the competition.It's a tight
battle.Seadra knocks down just as many as Squirtle does.Then they move on to
moving targets.Seadra's turn.It knocks down all three shooting plates.But so
does Sqirtle.There's only one way to declare the winner now.In a wave
ride.Each competitor choses his or her Pokémon and they surf around the flag
and back.Oh yeah did I mention that you have to beon the Pokémon?Right when
they were about to begin Team Rocket shows up in their pathetic Magikarp
sub.They shoot the net at Blastoise Sissy's chosen surfer and takes him
under.But Blastoise breaks free and tangles the sub in seaweed again.Then
when Blastoise gets back they start the race Ash chooses Lapras and the first
half was jus a race. Then after they turned a wave comes.Lapras uses ice beam
to freeze some of it. Sissy wipes out but somehow Blastoise catches
her.Blastoise takes the lead but then ash thought of something.He used
Lapras's ice beam and shot it to the shore and slid all the way there.Past
Blastiose by a hiar and won.He recieved the Coral Eye Badge for his victory.

- Yifanluo


4th Review

This is when Ash is riding on his Lapras and decides to go to a nearby place to get his first orange gym badge.He gets caught by a child who is related to the gym leader. They have a contest to see which Pokemon's water blast is the most powerful. The gym leader chooses Seadra. Ash chooses Squirtle. It's a Tie! So they decide to have a Pokemon race. Ash chooses his new Lapras. The gym leader chooses Blastoise. They're in the middle of the race when Team Rocket appears and grabs the gym leader's Blastoise. Their magikarp sub sinks. When the race continues, Blastoise is winning but Ash uses Lapras' ice beam to freeze the water. Then Lapras slides on the ice beam and wins the race. Ash gets his orange league badge.

- Tom Condon


Fit to be Tide

The episode starts off with Misty, Ash, Pikachu, Togepi and Tracey, their new-found friend, riding on Lapras’ back. Misty says Lapras is having fun. Suddenly pikachu cries out. He is falling off Lapras’ back. Ash dives to catch him, and succeeds- just in time! Ash says he is hungry and wants food. Tracey tells them that Mikan Island is up ahead. He also tells Ash that the Mikan Gym is there too. Lapras speeds on…

Our heroes then arrive at Mikan Island and Ash returns Lapras. Then they walk on toward the gym. Ash sees a coconut and tries to drink the milk when he is soaked head to toe with water. A boy comes out of a bush and says “I caught you.” Ash argues that he wants to battle the gym leader. Then a young woman appears and tells the boy that he shouldn’t be making trouble.  Ash says again that he wants to challenge the gym leader, and the girl says that she is Cissy, the gym leader. She accepts Ash’s challenge, and they all go to the gym.

Cissy pushes a button once they are in the gym. The ground disappears and reveals a swimming pool, just like the Cerulean Gym. Cissy says that since Ash is a little squirt they’ll both use water pokemon. Cissy chooses Seadra, and Ash checks his pokedex. Cissy says the battle will be decided by two challenges. First is a water gun challenge. Cissy says that you choose the pokemon with the best water gun to hit a series of targets.

Ash sends out Squirtle. Cissy’s little brother pushes a button and a wall appears, and on top is a row of cans. Seadra uses water gun and hits the cans right in the centre. Squirtle gives it a go, and does the same as Seadra.

Then Cissy’s bro pushes one more button. A disk flies into the air. Seadra hits it with water gun. Then 3 disks go into the air and seadra gets them all. Squirtle proves a good match, and hits them all too. Then one disk flies along. Whoever gets it first wins. Seadra and Squirtle both use Water Gun. Smash! They both hit the disk at the same time.

Cissy takes Ash, Misty, Tracey and Pikachu out to the beach. There will be a wave ride. The pokemon swim out to a marker and back. Whoever reaches land first, wins. Cissy chooses Blastoise and Ash chooses Lapras. Team Rocket appears to steal the show. They capture Blastoise and pull him underwater in their Magikarp sub. Blastoise gets free, though, and goes to the surface. Pikachu dips his tail to the water and Thunderbolts Team Rocket. Blastoise Hydro Pumps and Team Rocket blast off again!

Ash and Cissy get on their pokemon. They head out to the marker. Tracey sketches madly, but Misty discovers he is not just drawing the pokemon, but Cissy(who is pretty). Lapras and Ash round the marker at the same time as Cissy. Suddenly a huge wave rears up on The pokemon and their trainers. Lapras uses an Ice Beam and saves Ash. However, the wave crashes down on Cissy. She is flung into the air, but Blastoise saves her.

Ash tells Lapras to use Ice Beam to the shore. Lapras does and rides on the ice, past Cissy and Blastoise and heads to the shore. It is going so fast that Ash and Lapras beat Cissy by heaps. Ash crashes into a tree and gets up. Cissy arrives and gives him his first Orange League Badge: the Coral Eye Badge!!!

This was a pretty good episode. I give it 4 ˝ stars out of 5.