U.S. Episode # 83:

Pikachu Revolts - First aired in U.S. February 2000 

    Ash and company just sailed off to a metropolitan island (forgot the name) via Lapras (Ash's newest pokémon). After Lapras was returned to Ash, he heard some trouble in front of him. Pikachu went over there to check it out, but then he became affected by some bluish psywave. After the ray left, Pikachu started to disobey!

    Togepi, Misty's newest pokémon, also felt the effect of this "disobey ray". Ash tried to get Pikachu back, but a fellow trainer's Magnemites and Voltorb stopped Ash from reaching them. They disappeared during Voltorb's Explosion attack, and then Officer Jenny appeared. She knew of this before and told the heroes that some pokémon won't obey; then they disappear after attacking. Gastly then appeared in front of everyone, but Jenny was calm about it.

    In the police station, Ash called Professor Oak and told him of the news, and Oak didn't know what to do. Then he saw Gastly, and Jenny told him that since Gastly is unaffected and that he's strong against psychic types*, Gastly will help find the missing pokémon.

    Jenny, I don't know where you got your pokédex from, but Gastly is part Ghost and part Poison. Psychic pokémon dominate over Poison pokémon. I'd also like to point out now that before today's first episode came on (Born to be Tide), Lou Bega messed up saying which pokémon are Misty's. He had Psyduck right. Starmie is with the Cerulean Sisters; Misty has Staryu. Horsea is with the Sisters as well. Goldeen was never mentioned. Brock owned Vulpix. Okay, back to your regulary scheduled cartoon reviewing.

    Jessy, James, and Meowth came on the island as well, looking for rare pokémon. Meowth was affected by the "disobey ray" and then went to a building with a big antenna. After everyone fell inside the building, Team Rocket was greeted by...Team Rocket! Yes, folks, Cassidy and Butch are back! But where's Raticate (The Breeding Center Secret)? Oh, nevermind...

    Anyway, both TRs had a motto contest to see which was right. It was kind of funny seeing all of them recite it (minus Meowth, of course), but I think that the heroes' imitation of the motto on Ditto's Mysterious Mansion was a bit better. Back to the story, we learned that Drowzee was hypnotising the pokémon. Among the ones hypnotised were all of the Eevee-lutions, Electabuzz, Magnemite, Pikachu, Rapidash, Arcanine, Ninetails (I think), Kingler, Blastoise, Poliwrath (I think), Marril (I think), Togepi, Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, & Primeape. Jessy and James then sent out the rest of their pokémon (Weezing, Arbok, Lickitung, and Victreebel), but they were affected. J&J were then attacked by their own pokémon as we went to commercial.


    J&J started to awaken...in front of the heroes! After some talk, Jessie and James [reluctantly] decided to help out to get their pokémon back. So Jessie and James hid the heroes and Jenny in a cart full of pokéballs. Butch and Cassidy allowed them in, not knowing that the heroes were in. They sure were surprised.

    Everyone noticed Drowzee now, and Ash went over to stop him. Gastly used a psywave, but Drowzee blocked it. Then all of the elemantal pokémon fired at Gastly, who started blocking the combined energy. Ash then started toying with Pikachu, who ended up destroying Drowzee's machine.

    Everyone might be back to normal, and all of the other pokémon might be free, but Butch and Cassidy don't know when to quit. Jessie, James, Ash, and Pikachu fought against Butch, Cassidy, and Drowzee. After a missed Thunderbolt by Pikachu (Drowzee teleported), Drowzee started to use metronome. While everyone waited to see what happened, Togepi was also doing metronome. Different scenes were being shown rapidly, from Togepi to Drowzee to Ash and Pikachu to Butch and Cassidy and back. In the end, Togepi pulled it off first with some sort of explosion/fissure like attack (the same attack used by the Clefairy in "Clefairy and the Moon Stone").

    Our heroes left the island, not knowing that it was Togepi who saved the day. Actually, Pikachu had some suspision...

    On a scale from 1-5, this one gets a 4.5. Butch and Cassidy reappeared, Lickitung and Victreebel appeared after a long vacation, and Togepi was the true dark horse of this show. It should only be a matter of time before everyone realizes that Togepi can use metronome.

By VGW Man


2nd Review

This one begins with Ash and Co. on Lapras heading toward Velincia Island.
When Ash gets off he sees some trainers' Pokemon heading toward them. These
Pokemon look like they are going to attack the inocent trainers. When Ash
says to Pikachu "Let's check it out" Pikachu gets a really ticked off look on
his face and then Togepi jumps from Misty's arms and it to gets a mean
looking face. Then Ash goes to see if Pikachu is all right when a group of
Magnemite Thundershocks Ash. The trainers Voltorb Selfdestructs itself and
the Pokemon disapear.

Later, Team Rocket is having their faces torn off by Meowth's Slash attack

when Meowth suddenly turns away and runs to this building with a satilite
dish looking thing on top of it. Meowth finds a hole in the wall and jumps
in. Team Rocket follows.They end up standing in front of the breeding center criminals, Casedy and


Then, they all get into a quarrel about how the REAL Team Rocket motto goes.
Jesse and James try to capture the Pokemon that Casedy and Butch had stolen.
But, a Drowzee gets their Pokemon under control and turns all the Pokemon
against Jesse and James.


Jesse and James wake up in the Pokemon Center with Ash and Co. watching
overhead. Jesse and James get up and walk away, not wanting to help the law.
But, decide to help just this ONE time.


Jesse and James return to the place they had been before and say theat they
are turning over a new leaf and are going to help Casedy and Butch. Then Ash
and Co. jump out of the cart Jesse and James are pushing and say that Casedy
and Butch HAVE to turn over the Pokemon that they had stolen. But then the
Drowzee takes control of all the Pokemon and the electric Pokemon use
thundershoc, fire use flametrower, and water uses water gun. Officer Jenny's
Gaslty blocks the beam of electricity, fire, and water while Ash tricks
Pikachu into chasing him. Pikachu blows up the satilite dish that Drowzee is
using to control the Pokemon and Pikachu turns good again.


Then, Casedy and Butch challenge Jesse, James, and Ash to a fight. Pikachu
can't hit Drowzee because of Drowzee's Teleport, same thing with Arbok's
Bite. Then, Likitung, Victreebel, and Weezing go at him but Drowzee uses Mega
Punch and KOes them. Then Pikachu goes at it again. Drowzee uses Metronome.
Togepi thinks that it is cool and waves it's arms back and forth. Then,
instead of Drowzee using Metronome Togepi does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blue streaks come out of it's arms and the whole place blows up! Way to go


Ash is awarded an award of bravery and then leaves.

- TRC1188


3rd Review

In Pikachu Revolts, Ash and company are headed to an island on Lapras and
see some Pokemon disobeying there masters. They stop to see whats wrong and
Pikachu schocks Ash and the other Pokemon go with Pikachu and run away. Then
the same thing happens with Team Rocket and Meowth runs away. Team Rocket
follows Meowth to a weird building and Meowth goes into a laundry type thing
and Team Rocket follows. They end up in a big room and then they see Butch
and Cassidie. Meanwhile Ash,Misty,and Tracy go tell Officer Jenny what
happened and Officer Jenny tells them it's been happening a lot. Butch and
Cassidie and Jessie and James battle each other and Jessie and James "BLAST
OFF AGAIN". Ash and friends find them and decide to help them. Then they
break in and get to Pokemon back. And Togepi secretly uses an attack and
Butch and Casidie go back to jail.

                                                            From,Jorge S.


4th Review.

It starts out when Ash is traveling and he sees a group of Pokemon. Their trainers were trying to calm them down. The Pokemon (including Pikachu) were using their own attacks against the trainers. A Electrode explodes near Ash. Ash's pokemon were gone. Ash tells Jenny.Team rocket found Butch & Cassidy.Later Ash teamed up with Team Rocket to stop Butch & Cassidy.The team stopped Butch & Cassidy.

 - Tom C.


5th Review


Ash, Misty, Pikachu, and Tracey are surfing on Lapras’s back. Misty says they’re getting near Mandarin Island. They land, and and see some pokemon advancing on their trainers. Ash is about to help them, when a weird blue light shines. When it goes away, Pikachu and Togepi are looking evilly at the gang. Ash says,”What’s wrong with you, Pikachu?”Pikachu goes to the bad pokemon. When Ash asks what’s wrong with Pikachu, he gets zapped. The pokemon then vanish in a cloud of smoke.The gang goes to officer jenny.She says it’s probably a psychic poke that’s doing the damage and that she’ll combat it with gastly, since it’s strong against psychic. Meanwhile, Jesse and James are arguing with Meowth, when the strange light shines on Meowth.He starts walking zombie-fashion to a gate with locked doors and a little circular tube on the lower left hand corner.Meowth jumps down, and Jesse and James follow.They find out that Butch and Cassidy are behind all of this and are using a Drowzee to send out psychic waves and hypnotize the pokemon into working for Team Rocket.Jesse and James have a motto battle with Butch and Cassidy(Personally, I think that J&J have the better motto.)Then, Butch and Cassidy kick them out and beat them with their own Pokemon(by hypnotizing them).Jesse and James are sad cuz they don’t have meowth, and they go to the police station.The gang asks them to help get their poke’s back, and they finally agree.J&J go in with a big cart full of Pokeballs covered with a cloth.Butch and Cassidy let them in, and in their hideout, out of the cart, the gang jump out!!They have a battle, where pikachu tries to zap ash.Gastly holds of the hypnotic waves, while the good pokes battle, including J&J on the GOOD side! Ash has an idea, and he starts running around, where pikachu tries to zap him. Finally, he’s near the Drowzee’s cage, and pikachu zaps it, breaking the cage and the psychic wave that was taking the other Pokemon over.Then they go outside to go back, and Butch and Cassidy trap all of them and when they are safely trapped they tell their plan to brodcast Drowzee’s hypnotic waves with a satelite to all of Mandarin Island, and get the poke’s.Then they commence with beating up the other pokemon. Drowzee is almost too powerfull, but Togepi Metronomes drowzee, Butch and Cassidy.Then B&C are carted off to jail.

Jesse and James mysteriously dissapear when the town wants to give them a medal for their bravery.Then we see them on top of a building.They say that they’ll never be good, and bad is what they’ll be.Meowth has come back, I might add.Then Ash, Pikachu, Misty, Tracy, and Lapras surf off to their next adventure. Misty comments on how the one time Jesse and James come out on top, they’re fighting for good.

The end!!

I give this episode four stars because it was really good, and it had Butch and Cassidy, who I personally think are more competent that Jesse and James.


Have you noticed that the team rocket duos, are also the names of famous criminals? Jesse and James=Jesse James(an old Western criminal, kind of like billy the kid.),and Butch and Cassidy=Butch Cassidy (from the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, an oldie.)Well, this is Salom, signing off!C ya!:D


#83: Pikachu Revolts
    Yay, it's Cassidy and Butch part 2! The episodes with them are the best,
and this one is particularly good. In the beginning, we see them in a dark,
dark room watching the twerps onscreen, riding Lapras to Mandarin Island.
Recognizing them, the vengeful Cassidy declares that they shall now receive
payback. At around the same time, Jessie and James arrive at the "Big
Orange." A mysterious lightning bolt-type thing shoots through the air and
flies through Meowth's head, hypnotizing him. He runs away, pursued by his
angry trainers. Ash and Misty lose Pikachu and Togepi, respectively, in the
same way, and then enlist the help of that dastardly Officer Jenny. Thinking
a Psychic Pokemon is behind all the cases of runaway Pokemon, as Ghost-type
Gastly hasn't been affected, she decides to help them solve the mystery once
and for all. Jessie and James find Cassidy and Butch's hideout by following
Meowth down a pipe into their building. The two rival duos break into another
argument, furiously reciting the mottos and then having Cassidy tell them
that Jessie's probably getting kicked off the team. James clings to Cassidy's
arm, begging her to say whether she'd heard anything about him or not. This
part is very interesting, as I wonder why James would only care about whether
he was going to remain on the team. I'm a bit of a rocketshipper, and one
would think that if he thought Jessie was getting kicked off he wouldn't stay
without her. But, I am a major neoshipper, and I can say that the look Butch
gives James as he holds Cassidy's arm is not a happy one. Anyway, C&B then
reveal how many Pokemon they've caught (and they got some awesome ones, like
Ninetales and the 3 original Eevee evolutions), and how they did it: Drowzee,
sending amplified psychic waves through a parabolic antenna on the roof.
Genius, right? They then take possession of Lickitung, Arbok, Weezing, and
Victreebel the same way, and have the four of them attack J&J. When they wake
up, the twerps and Jenny have them in a hospital. They beg for J&J to tell
them what they know about the Pokemon robberies, and they do, hiding their
new allies in a basket full of pokeballs, and trying to give the pokeballs to
C&B as a peace offering. Sadly, tragedy strikes soon afterward. Jenny and the
others leap out of the basket and a huge action scene ensues. Pikachu
repeatedly zaps Ash, but the stupid boy forces himself to enjoy it. Gastly
battles Drowzee and the hypnotized Pokemon until the buildup of forces is too
great, and the building explodes. All the Pokemon are de-hypnotized and run
home, but B&C still won't give up. (They GO!) While Drowzee battles J&J's
Pokemon and Pikachu, Togepi uses some weird attack to cause another
explosion. And, well…it's all downhill from there. Cassidy and Butch are
carted off again. At least we have the knowledge that Giovanni loves them and
will bail them out. Ash receives an award for helping arrest them (*SOB!*It's
so unfair!So very, very wrong!) Jessie and James decide that "wrong is where
they belong," and the twerps say, "the only time J&J were on the winning side
was when they were on our side." That comment infuriated me, so I won't even
start…it's a good episode, all in all.