U.S. Episode # 81:

- The Lost Lapras                            

The episode starts off where Ash and Misty (oooh) are left alone on the abandoned blimp thanks to Jigglypuff (see last episodeís ending). They land on what seems to be a deserted island, and Misty complains about having to eat bugs and berries for the rest of her life (does it remind you of the Caterpie episode?).

Then a bunch of tourists runs over and trample Ash and Misty and take pictures of Togepi and Pikachu.

The crew stumble into a Pokemon theme park on Tangelo Island. Pikachu notices 3 guys whipping a sick Lapras, so Ash decides to stop them. The trainers send out a Spearow, Hitmonchan, and Beedrill, as Ash commences with Pikachu. Then some weirdo named Tracy pops in and starts observing the trainersí Pokemon, and "disses" them. However, he gives ups to Pikachu. Tracy tries to measure his voltage, but one of the trainers interrupts him and attacks, but Pikachu shocks everyone (including Tracy). The 3 trainers run away, and Tracy leaves the crew with some medicine for Lapras, while he looks for Nurse Joy.

Ash tries to cure Lapras, but it refuses to take the medicine. Lapras is now at the Pokemon Center, and still not ok. Ash then hears about the Orange League from some fellow trainers, and decides to call Prof. Oak about it. Prof. Oak okays with Ash, and Tracy gets all hyped up because he knows two people who know Prof. Oak, so he decides to join them so he can meet Mr. Oak. Nurse Joy states that Lapras is sick because it is a baby, and probably got lost from its family. The gang tries to figure out how to get Lapras onto a pickup truck to take it back to the sea.

TR (Team Rocket) suddenly attacks from the sky and nets Lapras. They haul it onto the truck and get away.

Tracy sends out his Venonat to detect TR with its radar, and they do, so the crew and Tracy catch up by using bicycles? For some reason, Ash jumps into the truck and surprises TR by jumping into the truck. Ash causes lots of commotion and TR runs into a cliff. They flip away, and Ash, Pikachu, and Lapras head for a cliff. Ash steers the cart in one direction to prevent it from falling. Then thereís another turn to another cliff, and Ash and Pikachu fail this time. Ash, Pikachu, and Lapras fall off the cliff and land in the sea. Tracy, Misty, and Venonat look for Ash and Pikachu in the water, and they find them both happily floating on top of Laprasí back.

The end.

I hope the next episode is good also.

The Y2K Fish


2nd Review:


To start things off we have a NEW Pokemon Theme at the beginning of the

Who's that Pokemon?  It's Ninetales!

Pikachu's Jukebox: Double Trouble

    Ash, Misty, Pikachu and Togepi are still trapped on the Blimp. 

Unfortunately they land on a deserted island.  Now they have to eat berry and
bugs for the rest on their lives.  Well, not really.  After miles of walking
they land on Pokemon Park, the worlds first pokemon theme park.  As they are
walking through town they notice 3 trainers picking on a Lapras trying to
whip it into shape for the Orange League.  The Orange League?  Ash and Misty
tell them to stop picking on Lapras, but they say they can do what they want
with their pokemon.  So a Pokemon battle breaks out.  The 3 trainers send out
a Spearow, a Beedrill, and a Hitmonchan.  But before they get to battle
someone interrupts.  He is observing the pokemon.  All these pokemon are not
in good shape.  The Beedrill's color is not good, the Hitmonchan is obviously
not working out enough and Spearow is not so great either, but Pikachu is
just perfect!  You can tell because it has such a shiny coat.  He wants to
measure Pikachu's electric voltage, but before he could the other trainers
start to interrupt.  Pikachu lets out a Thundershock which SHOCKS everybody. 
Oh yeah, his voltage is high.  The trainers and their pokemon run away, but
not Lapras.  It looks bad.  He says he will go find Nurse Joy. he tells Ash
to make him drink something that will make Lapras feel better, but Lapras
won't drink it. 
    They manage to get Lapras to the Pokemon Center.  Nurse Joy reassures
them it will be just fine.  HE says it is ashame though, especially because
Lapras is just an infant.  It must have been pulled away from a school of
Lapras that come by that time of year.  Ash and Misty say he sure does know a
lot about Pokemon, "Well you should when your a Pokemon watcher."   A Pokemon
Watcher?  He explains Pokemon Watcher obserbs Pokemon and sometimes even
discovers new Pokemon.  That explains why he was obserbing all the pokemon
before.  Then he introduces himself as Tracy.  The Orange Leauge comes up
again.  What is that?  Tracy explains they are a group of Gym Leaders.  You
must defeat each one to get into the Orange Leauge.  They make a call to
Professor Oak.  Tracy can't beleive it is THE Professor Oak.  He can't
beleive he knows two people that know Proffesor Oak too.  He now wants to
become Ash and Misy's new traveling buddies, because he want to meet
Professor Oak.
    They go out back of the Pokemon Center where Lapras is.  Ash is trying to
encourage Lapras to head back to the ocean, but Lapras won't listen.  Of
course Team Rocket interrupts singing their original song.  "Meowth!  That's
right!"  Tracy is amazed by the talking Meowth.  He aks he to speak some
more.  "So what do you want me to say?"  Tracy wants Meowth to answer some
questions, but they never get to that.  James sends out Weezing and tells it
to use Smog Attack.  So they tie Lapras on a truck and run off with it.  It's
already to late, Team Rocket is gone.  But not so fast.  Tracy sends out a
Venonat and tells it to use its radar to track it down.  They get some
bicycles and take a shortcut.  But only Ash and Pikachu manages to get close
enough on his bike to the truck to jump in the back of it.  So Ash is
struggling in the front of the truck trying to get Team Rocket to stop, but
Ash is pulled back to the back of the truck with Lapras.  Suddenly they see a
cliff.  Team Rocket tries to break, but not in time.  "Looks like Team
Rockets flipping off again!"  However, they did have time to save the back
part of the truck with Ash, Pikachu and Lapras.  But now the truck is falling
back down the cliff.  Ash shifts his weight to make the turns so they don't
fall.  Pikchu helps too.  There is one turn they miss and they fall down the
cliff.  Ash, Lapras and Pikachu hold each other as they fall down.  Ash
thinks it won't be a problem since they fall down together.  When they hit
the water it causes a HUGE splash.
    Back down by the beach Misty and Tracy are looking for Ash, Pikachu and
Lapras.  They cant find them anywhere, but Venonat is sure they are around. 
The next thing you know Ash and Pikachu are riding Lapras and coming to land.
 They made it okay.  Good news, Lapras is staying with Ash as his newest
Pokemon and Tracy is joining the crew too.  Now with two new buddies, they
are traveling on Lapras to their next destination.

    Marc's Rating: Out of a possible 10 I give it an 8.  Why?  I gave all 8
points for a classic episode and -2 because I LIKE THE OLD THEME SONG BETTER!

    Marc Dolgow


3rd Review

The Lost Lapras                  
                The episode begins when Ash and Misty come across a
mistreated Lapras.The Lapras is obviously sick,so the trainers rescue it from
any more danger.While doing this a young boy notices Ash and Misty's
heroism.He then follows them to the nearest Pokemon center to care for the
injured Pokemon.He then finds out valuable info that could help him out on
the rest of his journey.The young boy introduces himself as Tracy Sketcher,a
Pokemon drawer and a Pokemon watcher.They find out that the Lapras is just a
baby that was abandoned by its parents.Ash and Misty are then told by Tracy
that there is a nearby Orange League on the island.To win badges you first
must beat the Orange group to get into the Orange League.Ash then reminds
himself to call Professor Oak,which fascinates Tracy.Professsor Oak is very
eager to to get the G-S ball,but he allows Ash to go on his journey to the
Orange League.Back outside the team tries to wake Lapras by the use of
lullaby's,but JigglyPuff soon interferes,and they wake the Lapras.The Lapras
is obviously scared and Ash tries to follow it.But as usual Team Rocket
interferes,and steals Lapras,strapping it to the back of their truck.The gang
follows it by Tracy using its Venonat's radar review.The group high tails
Team Rocket by following it by their bikes.Team Rocket winds up getting
shocked by Pikachu,and Ash saves the Lapras.Tracy and Misty look for Ash and
they find him riding on Lapras,claiming he caught it.The whole gang then
rides on Lapras into the sunset.  Overall Rating:Good episode.It introduces
Lapras and the new team member,Pokemon watcher-Tracy Sketcher.Good
episode,but it was just an introduction to the Orange League.Ed's
rating:****4 stars.     



4th Review

Okay, Ash and Misty Fall onto an island where they think they are lost.
It turns out to be the tangelo islands. They see these people who are
hurting a lapras and they try and fight with ash. All of the sudden, a
Pokemon watcher (the guy who takes the place of Brock) looks at all of
the Pokemon and says that Pikachu is in better shape than the three guys
Pokemon. Then he tries to check Pikchu's Volt Power  and as you know, its
high. It shocks the  three guys and they run away. They get Nurse Joy to
take care of him, but he won't do anything. Then they call professor oak
about the GS ball, and the Pokemon watcher is his #1 fan and all, and
yadda yadda yadda...  They go to the pool and they try and get lapras to
come with them but he wont since the other guys hurt him and hes afraid
of humans. Then ash says hes going to give lapras a lulabye. But right
when he starts, its jugglypuff. he sings them to sleep and they wake up.
Then .. you guessed it. Team rocket. They say their motto etc. and they
put a net over lapras. Then weezing does smog and they cant see where
team rocket went. Then the pokemon watcher uses a venonat to treck them,
and they get them to blast off again. Then lapras carries them off to the
orange league.

***1/2 3 1/2 stars : Not a classic, but a goodie

nathan walker



5th Review

Ash, Misty, and Pikachu (and no Brock) are asleep in the balloon which has fell on an island which seems to be deserted. They wake up, happy to be alive, but Misty complains that theyíll have to eat berries and bugs (or something like that) for the rest of their lives. They walk for sometime and suddenly, they find civilization once again. They have walked onto some kind of theme park.

The group is walking on the beach when they see 3 teenagers yelling at a Lapras who is very obviously depressed. Ash yells at them, and they throw out a Beedrill, Hitmonchan, and Spearow. Ash tells Pikachu to battle, when out of the blue, this oddball named Tracy, who is a bad replacement for Brock, cuts in and looks closely at the pokemon. (I always thought Tracy was a girlís name.) He offends the three teens, but he sort of reveres Ash by telling him how great Pikachu is. Heís about to measure Pikachuís voltage when it shocks everyone. The teens run away.

They take Lapras to the pokemon center, and it is placed in a pool. Ash sees a poster for this thing called the Orange League. Tracy says that itís a group of four gym leaders whom you have to beat to get into. Ash asks him why he knows so much. Tracy says itís because heís something called a Pokemon Watcher. (Esoteric, isnít it?.) Pokemon watchers observe Pokemon, he says.  Ash decides to call Professor Oak about competing in the Orange League. Tracy is surprized. He says that Professor Oak is very illustrious. Ash and Misty are surprized at that. They just thought he was just some guy who knew a lot.

Nurse Joy has to give the Lapras some medicine, but it wonít take any.  Ash is over-optimistically determined to give it to Lapras, so he jumps in the pool. All of a sudden, Team Rocket come down from the sky, nets the Lapras, and loads it into a truck. Tracy throws out a Venonat and tells it to use its radar to spot Team Rocket. They bike down to the truck, and Ash jumps onto it. He sticks his face in through the window. Team Rocket loses control, and they drive the truck off of a cliff. They blast off again. ďDING!Ē

Misty and Tracy are on the beach and Tracy keeps telling Venonat to find them. Suddenly, Ash emerges from the horizon with Pikachu. They are riding on Lapras. Lapras is now Ashís pokemon. And Tracy is now following Ash and Misty. They ride away on Lapras, going to their next adventure.

When I saw this episode, I didnít enjoy it that much, because I disliked Tracy, atleast, more than Brock. Now Iím getting use to him, but itís a little abrupt because not only is a character changing, so is the theme song (its refrain (or whatever) is basically about everyone living in a Pokemon World, which is kind of eccentric), and anyway, I preferred the old one.  Whatís also changing is the setting. The new theme is a tropical island theme, instead of a forest in which there is a dirt path. A lot of the time is spent watching Ash getting to know Tracy and vice versa. Plus, I donít really like Lapras (no offense to Lapras lovers) and it appears in almost every episode from now on. I rate it 5 out of 10.

Chris L.