EPISODE - The Wacky Watcher


The Wacky Watcher!

by Josh Nickerson


Ash and the others are headed to the Orange League compitition when a submarine suddenly pops up in front of them. A man climbs out of the submarine and informs them they are just in time. Ash and the rest decide to stay just to see what heís talking about. What heís talking about is a huge school of Magikarp making their way across the island.  Tracy notices that they are all marked with colored bands. The man drives off. leaving the kids puzzled. Tracy figures that the Magikarp are headed toward Rind Island. They arrive to find the Magikarp swimming upstream a small river on  the island. The strange man shows up again and has them help him carry packages. He introduces himself as Dr.  Quincy T. Quakenpoker and as a Pokemon Watcher. Tracy tells Ash and Misty that Quakenpoker is a world famous Pokemon Watcher. Later on Quakenpoker is analyzing the Magikarp as they swim by. He explains the bands on their tails mark how long ago they left the island. He tells them that they come back to the island every year. 

Quackenpoker looks at Tracy sketchbook, as Team Rocket spies on them. Team Rocket plans to capture the Magikarp, then evolve them into a Gyarados army. They try to use nets, but the Magikarp just flop out of them. Team Rocket falls into the water and washes away. Meanwhile the group continues up the river bank as Quakenpoker mentions that the Magikarp will soon evolve. They arrive at a small pond as they wait for the Magikarp to evolve.  Quakenpoker comments that Ash and Pikachu communicate well. Later that night, the Magikarp become even more restless. Suddenly, Team Rocket pops up in their sub and begin to steal the Magikarp! They distract the trainers by throwing Magikarp at them, and by stealing Pikachu. A Magikarp latches itself on Jamesís head, but no matter how hard Jessie pulls, it stays on. Quakenpoker jumps on the sub and tells them the only way to get Magikarp off is to calm it down. Quakenpoker calms down Magikarp, while Ash snatches Pikachu back. 

Suddenly, the Magikarp begin to evolve and Team Rocket find themselves begin blown away by a huge typhoon caused by the evolving Magikarp! The Gyarados and Magikarp swim back out to sea, and Quakenpoker calculate 70% of the Magikarp evolved.  Quakenpoker wishes Tracy luck and he, Ash and Misty set back out to sea.


Ash& freinds encounter a submarine which a kinda nutty scientist named
Quakenpoker tells them that he, like Tracey, is a Pokemon watcher and
only wants to watch Magikarp. He gives them all boxes to carry and
Tracey tries to make a sketch of the Magikarp. He is splashed!
  He then explains about how long ago the Magikarp have been coming back
here by bands around their tail. Quakenpoker examines Tracey's
sketchbook but TR are examining Pikachu. Jessie suggests that they catch
all the Magikarp and raise them so they evolve into Gyarados. They try
using nets but when James finally catches one it flops itself out. Then,
while Quaken is telling Ash how well Pika and him communicate, TR shows
up in their Magikarp sub. They start sucking up all the Magikarp and
then throw them at the trainer's pretending to give them back. While the
trainers hand are full they swipe Pikachu in an electric-proof jar. They
just keep getting smarter (sigh)!
 James gets a Magikarp stuck on its head and Quakenpoker helps him out.
After freed, 70% of the Magikarp evolve and send Team Rocket blasting
off again. Quakenpoker bids farewell and Ash&freinds go off to train for
the orange island league.
 No noteworthy facts- Ronald Waclawski