U.S. Episode # 79:

Heeerrre we go!!

- A Scare In The Air!

         Ash comes out of a supermarket with bags of food. He tells Brock and
Misty, who sit nearby, that he bought enough food for a few weeks and the
walk to Velencia Island is about a month. Nearby, there is a contest where
you could win a blimp ride; all you have to do is show your reciept. Ash
         Meanwhile, Jessie, James and Meowth are sitting in the middle of the
forest talking to "Da Boss( as Meowth would put it =) )." He tells them that
they are to pilot the blimp Ash and Co. will be riding. Team Rocket take it
as a compliment to be on the "Blimp Bregade," and start to cry. Giovanni,
however, hasn't repaired the blimps in nearly a decade and says the only
thing he's been able to keep on the blimp is the insurance policy.
         Ash and Co. board the blimp, even after being told it was haunted.
=0 Jessie and James, in disguise, proceed to escort the trio onto the blimp.
Jigglypuff, still following Misty, sees the lever to release the blimp from
the ground and thinks it's a mike. She begins to sing, and accidentally
pulls the lever. She gets tangled in the anchoring rope and goes up with it.
         After serving the trio cold soup, Team Rocket realize there's no one
flying the blimp. They go to the piloting cabin and James manages to stop
the blimp from wobbling, at the same time tossing Ash and Co. about the
dining room. To make things worse, Togepi disappears. And things get REALLY
funny when Jigglypuff gets underneath a sheet and everyone thinks she's a
ghost! =)
         After Team Rocket does what they do best ( Team Rocket's blasting
off again...! *ding!* ) Misty sees Togepi on the rickity scaffolding high
above their heads. The blimp is now caught in a storm and is being torn
apart so Misty, with Bulbasaur holding her up with his Vine Whip, retrieves
Togepi. Now, the three of them must pilot the blimp and keep it from
crashing into the open sea.
         Brock and Misty take stations in the control room, where as Ash is
in the engine room with the Pokemon. By moving the Pokemon from one side of
the room to the other, the trio manage to land on...( you guessed it
)...Velencia Island!

         Now, our young heroes must retrieve Professor Oak's pokeball, and
return it to him. However, one of our young friends WON'T be making the trip
back to Pallet Town. Who is leaving the group? Either wait until next week,
or e-mail me at paulheid@temecula.com for the inside info....