U.S. Episode # 92:

A Shipfull of Shivers 


Ash, Misty, and Tracey land on yet another island to discover that a 300 year old orange league trophy was found. They decide to go to see it the next day in the museum. Team Rocket enters the museum at night getting past the security by lowering James down through a gap in between two of the sensors to steal the trophy. Before they escape outside James trips and falls on his face leaving an imprint of him and the trophy on the ground. Nobody knows who did it, but Ash almost trips over Jameís legs behind a bush. They find Team Rocket all drowzee (heh) after partying their success the whole night. The gang chases after them and they find a Seadra peddling boat and hop on. Ash and the others get on Lapras and follow Team Rocket into the fog. Jesse and James find a boat and get on it to hide and then find out it is haunted. Ash and the others spot the Seadra boat and also get on. Togepi wanders off and later they find a Gastly and Haunter playing with him. Haunter controlling Meowth tells them and shows them the story of their master competing in the league. The are protecting the trophy and Ash and the others leave it there and fight Team Rocket blasting them off again and get off and watch the ship float up into the sky.- Niner Matt


A Shipful of Shivers

Ash and co. head to an island where off the coast on a shipwreck, a 300 year old Orange League trophy had been found. Displayed in the museum, the trophy was soon stolen by TR. Chasing TRís Seadra boat on Lapras, Ash and co. and TR soon end up on a ghost ship. The ship is inhabited by a Gastly and a Haunter, and it is the same ship the trophy was found from. It turns out it belonged to the master of Gastly and Haunter, and they want it back. After a few nightshades from Gastly, TR blasts off again, and Ash and co. believe the ghosts story and let them go peacefully with their masters trophy.

Not one of the greatest episodes, perhaps a bit more history into the Orange League, especially if it is over 300 years old.

Cheers.   -  Mat.


"A Ship ful of Shivers!" In this episode, Ash and friends land on Moral Island where Professor Oak tips them off to a 300 year old Orange leaugue championchip trophy being shown off at the local measeum, Ash and Co decides to go see it next day. But Team Rocket sneak in and steal it during the night. After Ash discovers it is gone and is walking back dissapointed they trip over Team Rocket sleeping in some bushes after a night of celebration, they get chased off and comandear a Seadra boat, Ash persues on Lapras and they all run into a haunted ship. It turns out the ship is the one the championchip trophy was found on was raised from the bottom of the sea by Haunter and Gastly. Their master was the captain off the ship and owner of the trophy.(And therfore a Poke'mon leugue champ) Both ghost are loyal to their master even though he's been dead for 300 years, they persuade Ash to give them back the trophy and the take the ship off into the night sky. - Mohen


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