Meowth Rules

Team Rocket are working on their sub as Meowth fusses over a small clam he found saying he’s the happiest Meowth in the World. James checks to see if he can produce some money using Pay Day, and starts shaking Meowth violently.  They hear a rattle on James so Jessie starts shaking James to see if he’s got any money. A bottle cap falls out, and James explains it’s his favorite and doesn’t want to let it go. So, they see Ash’s group floating by on Lapras and try to attack, but their sub starts sinking. Anyway, Squirtle water gun’s them off again, but Meowth was hiding, and when he comes out, Squirtle blasts him too, sending him flying off way far to an island where a group of people worship him to bring them money. They offer a banquet of food and good treatment bowing before him “Hail the Meowth of bounty!”. 

Ash’s group headed towards the island, fearing he’ll be found out as part of Team Rocket and being condemned by the villagers, he asks them to get rid of the kids on the Lapras, that they’ll bring bad fortune and luck to the people. So, they bring out the large golden Meowth which chases them away. Later Team Rocket finds their way to the island, and are shown to Meowth so he can decide what to do with them. Thinking they may ruin his fortune, he orders them to be cast away, although he is sad to do so, he fears for his happiness. 

Later in the night, they ask Meowth to perform Pay Day so money will rain down on them, but he can’t. They shake him, and he admits he cannot do it. They believe all he needs is a little experience battling to remember the attack, so they take him to the stadium to battle where Jessie and James secretly follow disguised to look like villagers. They have Meowth battle a Nidoking, and check for money. When they find none, they battle Meowth against an Onix who beats up Meowth and when it’s squeezing Meowth to death Jessie and James can’t take it anymore so they start throwing coins. James throws all he has, being his prized bottle-cap and then Jessie and James depart. 

The next day, Meowth wonders how he did it, and upon checking the collection notices James’ bottle-cap. Moved by this show of friendship he runs off to find them to rejoin them. But, they hide behind a rock so Meowth won’t see them. The villagers ask him to come back, so he explains to them he didn’t make the money come, and that true happiness is with your friends. Jessie and James come out from behind the rock saying a special motto for their friend and they hop in the Magikarp sub to float off, the villagers crying out “Please come back Meowth!!” but, Meowth leaves them anyway. Ash’s group continue on having no idea why that huge golden Meowth chased them away.


Ok, it starts out its at night and TR is fixing the sub.  J&J fight and lecture about “true happiness” until they notice Meowth sobbing on shore.  He is “truely happy!” becuz he gets clams for free and is the happiest cat in the world.  James tells meowth to do payday and grabs his foot and shakes him for coins.  Meowth tells him he cant use payday cuz he learned to talk. 

Chaos breaks out when Jessie hears a clank coming from james.  Loosing all control, she grips him by the foot and flings him into a rock trying to shake out coins that he might be hiding from her and meowth.  A bottle cap flies out and james dives on it as though it was his first-born son.  He tells jess and meowth he couldnt live without it becuz it is his favorite bottlecap.  That’s when Jessie spots the twirps.  (aka-  Ash and co.)

J, J and meowth dive on their sub (I thought it was broken!) and attack Ash and resite the motto we all know and love.  Just then- A ha! It was broken !- the sub sinks.  Rutheless Ash sends out Squirtle and blasts J&J into deep space.  Whoda seen that coming?  But Meowth is still standing and then Squirtle blasts him even further into deep space.  Ketchum and his lot dont come in until later.

Meowth lands on some island and is scooped up by some men in meowth makeup.  they take him to a man with paws who yaks about stuff involving Meowth Cerrimonies.  Then everyone brings out food and starts bowing to Meowth.  He realizes him for some wild Meowth, and they think he is sacred.  He is really truely happy and this goes on for several minutes involving meatballs and dancers.  The only thing he is upset about is how he misses Jessie and James.  I was, too.

Then he sees Lapras with Ash& co.  He imagines them all with evil smirks on their faces as they accuse him of his crimes.  Worried that they will ruin everything, he sends the Trojan Meowth after them and we do not see them until the tail end (which is fine with me!).

The Meowth priests inform his that as Ash was run off the island, they found two people laying on the shore.  To Meowth’s horror, it is J&J.  J&J are relived to see him, but Meowth orders them cast into the ocean.  They shriek and shout as the giant Meowth draggs them to the cliff.  As Meowth watches, he clutches the sides of his throne telling himself that he had to do that.  J&J are flung of the side of the cliff and survive again and return to the island unnoticed.


Anyway thats when Meowth is forced to do payday.  He admits he cant use that attck and he is dragged to the stadium to learn it.  Jessie and James watch from the bushes, then hurry along to the stadium to watch, disguised as villigers.

Meowth runs around the stadium followed closely by a Nidoking.  Jessie and James watch in horror from the grand stand.  Then an Onix is sent after him.  It goes after Meowth and starts to constrict him.

OK, by now Jessie and James are on the breaking point, and they finaly crack.  They rush down to the entrance and  start hurling coins (hey, I thought they were broke).  Jess is worried because they dont have enough coins, so James throws those bottle caps we saw at the start of the episode.

Meowth cant belive he managed a paday.  Jessie turns to go, but James stopps her, asking if they were going to get Meowth.  Jessie says that Meowth would be happier here.  (Unless, of course, he is asked to do payday!) 

The priest collects the coins and sets them before meowth, showing him the coins he made.  He asks if he would like to stay and rule the tribe.  Meowth agrees, but then sees James’s bottle cap.  He grabs it, cries “My friends!” and tears towards the shore, hoping they did not leave without him.

J&J turns and see Meowth, nod to eachother, and run to the sub.  Meowth runs after them, followed by the priest.  J&J are out of sight, ad Meowth stopps on the shore, looking desperately around for them.  Little does he know that they are behind a nearby rock, watching his every move.

It gets dramatic when he tells the priest about their friendship.  J&J are touched, come out from behind the rock, and say a slightly revised motto to fit todays theme.  Meowth joins them and they leave in their sub.

I really liked this episode.  It was a weird twist on Pikachu’s Goodbye, and was pretty dramatic.  It also gave a better view on TR.

review by sarah and laura


"Meowth Rules!" In the beggining of this episode it is revealed that Team Rocket's Meowth can't learn Pay-Day because it used up all its power learning to talk, also that James has a limited addition bottle cap he can't live without. Team Rocket soon meet up with Ash and after a battle "Blast off again." Meowth flies furthur than usuall and lands on an island awaiting a "Meowth of Bounty." Meowth is thought to be him and is treated to luxiouries and is happy for the first time. When Ash and Co wind up at the island, Meowth orders a huge gold meowth robot to drive them off. Even Jesse and James wind up at the island and are kicked off by Meowth (he dosn't want anyone jeopodising his happyness by revealing he is not the Meowth of Bounty) Soon he finds the legend states that the Meowth of Bounty will use Pay-Day to bring wealth to the island. When they see he cant use it they put him into battle to gain experience, he gets beaten pretty bad. Jesse and James watching in disguise decide he is their friend and use their last coins plus James' bottle cap to make it seem Meowth used Pay-Day. Meowth see's the bottle cap and in a tearful ending realises Jesse and James are the only ones who liked him for him and re-joins them, leaving behind his happyness ruling as the Meowth of Bounty. - Mohen