U.S. Episode # 85:

IN THE PINK - originally aired February 2000 in the U.S.

GolfDude's Review
We start off on Lapras and we see everyone enjoying themselves, then Misty
and Tracey start to chat about how misty is trying to teach togepi attacks,
but she thinks togepi doesnt understand yet ( Flashback ). Then Ash says to
himself "Maybe he needs a better trainer" and misty butts in making a
situation. Now how familiar is this site..

What do you get when you have a water pokemon and open seas? Another whirl

pool comes up knocks everyone on Pinkan Island ( the island of the pink
pokemon ). This time everyone is one one place and is ok. Tracey as usual
wants to draw pics of some possibly new pokemon on the island, so they all
climb up the  mountain side to get up. Tracey stops ash and them as they
spot a pink Rhydon eating. Tracey using his pokemon smarts, moves around and
finds the best position to draw. Then Ash comes along and spooks Rhydon from
behind, and pushes him over. Rhydon then does his strongest attack by
chasing our 3 heros to a cliff side. THen out of the blue, Togepi saves the
day by using his secret teleport move, leaving rhydon hanging on by a branch
that is holding him on the cliff, and Ash, Misty and Tracey unharmed. 

Along comes Officer Jenny in her jeep warning the kids that the island is a

pokemon reserve, and then they end up helping jenny save the rhydon on the
cliff, and he went off on his merry way. On the rebound, we see Jigglypuff
floating on what we think is a shell untill we see its Team Rocket's
Magicarp Sub. They get caught in the same whirlpool, also landing on the
island. They have seen the pink rhydon and wanna catch a pink pokemon,
Jigglypuff comes up, and James goes " A Pink Jugglypuff!", then he remembers
that jigglypuffs are always pink, and get wacked by jesse. Meanwhile
Jigglypuff is ready to sing them to sleep, butt they run off ang as usual,
jigglypuff gets angry. thats the last time we see him this episode. 

Our 3 heroes are in Jenny's Pokemon Station as they get a talking to, then Ash

calls prof Oak, and Oak says " Did Jenny Arrest you yet?" acting surprised,
he talked about pinkan island, then tracey pops into the phone explaining on
how he like prof Oak. Now Jenny notices more poachers (team rocket) is on
the island. Our 3 go with jenny to find team rocket. Team Rocket as the go
through the forest find all the pink pokemon and notice 2 pink nidoran
eating, Jesse calls out his weepinbell ( but as usual weepinbell eats James
). Then Jesse calls out Lickitung and chases them into a cave, he runs in
and ran out fast, Inside was a very angry pink Nidoking. 

Jenny and the 3 find team rocket, as nidoking fights, team rocket gets nidoking injured

ready to catch him. Pikachu uses his thunder attack, which shocks team
rocket, and wakes up teh nidoking, which blasted team rokcet away again. Now
he was charging at jenny and our 3 heroes. They drive until they get
cornered. In danger, Togepi starts moving his hands again and as he uses his
strongest attack, the attack misses as if they were in a bubble, Togepi
saved them again, Jenny told them to get out and then  threw a rope at
nidoking, it looked like nidoking had the edge but jenny goes around him and
ties nidoking up. They are saved and Jenny takes them on a boat past the
whirlpools, and Misty starts to think togepi saved them and when she tried
to make togepi move his arms, he messed up, and tracey and ash wouldnt
believe her.. TO BE CONTINUED.. THE END ( for this review )


This being one of my favorite episodes I had to
contribute this.

We start seeing Misty complain about Togepi not

knowing any attacks, despite the fact that Togepi used
Metronome in a previous episode.  We see her trying to
teach Togepi headbutt.

Lapras gets stuck in a whirlpool, and the group lands

on Pinkin Island, an unexplored island.  Tracey wants
to see the Pokemon on the island and finds a pink
Rhyhorn.  He sneaks up to it, draws a sketch.  Ash
gets jealous and tries to sneak up too, only to make
the Rhyhorn charge them.  Togepi uses Teleport but no
one knows its him, and the Rhyhorn falls of the cliff
(ow).  Jenny comes out (I dont like her new outfit)
and arrests them.  Seems Pinkin Island is a Pokemon
reserve which special berries that makes Pokemon pink.
The group saves the Rhyhorn and then call Prof. Oak.
Meanwhile Team Rocket crashes on the Island.  They see
all the lovely pink pokemon and then get excited to
see 'a pink jigglypuff'.  Jigglypuff gets ready to
sing and they run.  Then they notice the OTHER pokemon
are pink.  They decide to try to catch the two
Nidorans (the males are pink anyway, but one was a
female).  Jessie sends out Lickitung (James shouts
'its a pink lickitung!' before being hit by that paper
fan jessies always carrying around) and they chase the
Nidorans into a cave.  The two think its pretty simple
to catch them... when... out runs... a NIDOKING!
Lickitung isn't so willing to go mano a mano with the
awesome Nidoking and Weezing and Arbok stop him until
Lickitung licks him, causing him to faint.
Just then the trio and Jenny show up and pikachu
shocks team rocket and their pokemon, AND Nidoking.
Nidoking jumps up and thrashes team rocket, who 'blast
off again'.  Only, Nidoking is PISSED and attacks the
group.  Misty trys to fight him but sends out Psyduck,
Traceys Marril is afraid to fight, and Pikachus
electric attack won't work (Nidorans are poison type,
but Nidoking and Nidoqueen are ground types too, just
ask Giovanni).  When Nidoking uses a hyper beam,
Togepi uses barrier.  Jenny ties up the Nidoking
without hurting him and then escorts the group off of
the island.

This was one of favorite episodes because we see my

personal favorite Pokemon, Nidoran.  The only other
appearance of a Nidoran I know is the episode where
Brock leaves.  Any idea when Ash is actually going to
use his Pokedex on a Nidoran?

Whos that Pokemon: Kabuto

- Nidoran King