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Cartoon Review
#88 - Bye Bye Psyduck

Ash and friends are on a island on the way to Pro. Oak to give him the G S ball. Psyduck is sleeping on Lapras and Pikachu goes for a ride and Psyduck falls off Pikachu and Lapras come up and explains that Psyduck was gone they go out looking and cant find him. Then the water trainer finds him and asks if it is there’s. Psyduck tail is lowing pink and the water trainer said that she said that, that was because he was going to evolve. Misty and the trainer have a battle misty was going to lose when the water trainer sends out a Psyduck misty said "hey lets have our Psyduck's fight". Ash can’t find Psyduck so he throws misty the bag and it lands in the water. Misty pulls her bag out and there's a blue thing sticking out and then out comes Golduck. Team Rocket comes and tries to take him but they get the water trainers Pokémon. Then golduck comes and fights them. Misty beats the water trainer with golduck. Then some girls walk by and golduck runs up to them and shows his muscles. Then Psyduck comes out. They realize that the golduck was just showing off for misty, misty said "it’s a Pokemon Brock". Then they ask Psyduck where he was and he told Pikachu that he was sleeping the whole time and his tale is not pink, the water trainer was wrong.

This was a cool episode and it was good that it was not Psyduck because Psyduck is funny



2nd Review

It starts out with Ash (A), Misty (M) ,and Tracy (T) riding on Lapras. They get to an island and M realizes that her Psyduck is gone. Meanwhile another water trainer named Marina hears the commotion and she sees a Psyduck. She brings it back to M. Marina show M that Psyduck tail was glowing and that he might evolve. They talk about water Pokemon for a loooooooooooooooooooong time. Then they battle. M uses Goldeen and gets beaten by tentacruel. M sends Staryu and destroys Tentacool . Marina sends an awesome Psyduck, who beats staryu. M is about to send out Psyduck but the ball is empty. She ORDERS A to through her her bag. Clumsy A throws it in the water and M dives for it. When she pulls up her bag Psyduck or now GOLDUCK is out of his pokeball. The battle continues and Gold almost beats Psyduck when team the !rockets appear (TR). TR thro

3.5 out of 5. a nice battle, but bad story.

sent in from "the master of blue versian"


This episode starts with Ash & Co. resting on an island (I forgot the name) while Pikachu,Togepi and Psyduck are taking a ride on Lapras when Psyduck fell of Lapras.

When Lapras came back they noticed someone was missing (Psyduck!!!) suddenly a girl named Marina came.She found Misty’s Psyduck & gave it back to her.Marina suddenly noticed Psyduck’s tail was glowing and Marina told Misty that Psyduck was going to evolve!!!Marina,who also a water pokemon trainer, was talking about water pokemon with Misty. Then Marina suggested that she shoud poke-battle to see who was a better water pokemon trainer.Marina sent out a Tentecreul and Misty sent out Goldeen.Tentecreul used wrap but Goldeen dodged it with agility.Tentecreul suddenly used poison sting and Goldeen fainted so Misty sent Staryu who defeated Tentecruel with swift.Then Marina sent out a Psyduck(which Marina said was here strongest pokemon).Misty’s Staryu used water gun but Psyduck used confusion.  Then Marina suggested Misty use Psyduck so it might evolve but Misty forgot Psyduck’s Pokeball on shore.Misty told Ash to throw her her bag but it fell in the lake (she was battling on top on a rock on a lake).Misty then was looking in the water and she saw her bag in the water she got it and Golduck was under her bag and she thougt Psyduck evolved.But suddenly Team Rocket came and took Marina’s Psyduck & Tentecruel but Team Rocket were only after rare Pokemon & didn’t want Psyduck & Tentecruel.So they said they would trade Psyduck & Tentecreul for Pikachu but Golduck used hyper beam and Team Rocket blasts off again.Then Misty and Marina Poke-battle.Misty uses Golduck and Marina uses Starmie.Golduck uses furry swipes and then uses hyper beam and defeates Marina.Misty then tells Golduck to go back to his pokeball and then who should appear but Misty’s Psyduck.It turns out that the Golduck was a wild Golduck who likes to show off to girls.(I Guess Psyduck was just to dumb to evolve!)Who’s that pokemon-Mewtwo!

- JPoveda47


Misty sees a fellow water trainer who has a Psyduck like misties and they battle and misty wants to use Psyduck and asks ash to toss her backpack to get it. The pack falls in the water and misty grabs for it and sees goldduck. She thinks it’s hers. Then team rocket also see it and try to capture it but they fail and catches the other trainers  Pokemon. Golduck to the rescue as it uses hyper beam and blasted team rocket away. Misty then finds a Psyduck in her pack. How could it be? The golduck was just a wild golduck trying to impress the girls.  - Peter

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