Misty Meets her Match


Episode #100
Misty Meets Her Match

Ash, Misty and Tracey are all on a ferry to Trovita Island. Suddenly, the trio spot a girl drowning with her seel in a whirlpool. And it's Misty to the rescue. With staryu by her side, Misty was able to get the girl out of the whirlpool and into Lapras. Meanwhile, a young man was witnessing this heroic act. When they got to land, Misty adviced the little girl to be careful where she and her seel swim close to the shore and try not to get carried away from the current. Suddenly, the young man who saw the rescue has came down to check on his sister Mari, the girl who was saved by Misty. The young man automatically dances with her on shore. Then it results that the young man is the Trovita island gym leader, Rudy. With that, Ash tries to challenge Rudy to a match for the badge, but Rudy wasn't paying
attention to him. So after a while Rudy tells Ash that if he can pass a test of skill, he'll get a chance
to battle with him. So the test began. The object of the test is to knock down all the targets on Trovita River. Ash was doing great, but Rudy wasn't even bothering to look. And that was making the poor guy jealous. After the test, Rudy then accepted Ash's challenge and it was set to be a all-elements battle. During that time Rudy invited Misty to diner. After diner, Rudy showed Misty how he trains his Pokemon. He gives them dance lessons and they really work out. So Mari, Rudy, Misty and all the pokemon were all dancing to the music, seizing the moment, Rudy asks Misty if she could stay on the island for good. Of course she didn't know what to say, so Rudy gave Misty till after the match to come to her decision. The day of the match, no luck for our heroe and squirtle looks like its ready to be defeated. Then with a little-not-much-of a cheer from Misty, squirtle learns Hydro Pump and wins the match. Being an obvious decision, Rudy understands and call Ash lucky, of cou! rse he didn't know what he meant.

I give this show 10/10. This is one my of my all time favorite shows and it proves that Misty really likes Ash.

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---Misty meets her match---

Ash and co. are going to Trovita island when they see a girl and her seel in a whirlpool. Misty calls out staryu and Ash call lapras. The girl’s brother(Rudy) sees Misty saving her and as soon as they get there he sweet talks Misty and call her to dance. They discover he is the gym leader, and Ash challenges him. Ash will have to prove he’s a good pokémon trainer by hitting all the targets along Trovita river. Ash does it, and Rudy says their match will be tomorrow and invites Misty to have dinner with him.After dinner, they dance again, but this time Rudy asks Misty to stay with him forever.  Ash’s match starts. He calls pikachu against Rudy’s electabuzz.Pikachu is fast beaten. So, Ash calls bulbasaur, Rudy calls exeguttor. Ash wins with bulbasaur’s sleep powder.Now, it’s squirtle against starmie.Starmie uses thunderbolt, and almost wins, when Misty shouts Ash he is the only one who can use all squirtle’s strength(or something like that). Squirtle learns hydro pump, and beats starmie. Finally, Misty decides not to stay with Rudy, who says Ash is a very lucky boy.

I give it 5 stars of five! It’s a very good episode, and Misty is the main character, at least once.

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Ash and his friends go to the local gym on Trivouta Island. While they are going to the local gym, they find a little girl drowning near the island and Misty rescues her, later finding she is the sister of Jiggy, the gym trainer.  Jiggy falls in love with Misty at first sight, but Ash asks him to duel him and he decides to just battle the following afternoon if Ash can pass a test of hitting down a series of targets He uses Pikachu, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle with Charizard not obeying him. Team Rocket appears right infront of them and James exclaims the target’s right infront of our face and a target swings down and the pokemon hit it with their attacks blasting them off again. Jiggy asks Misty to pass the night with him, and confesses his love for her. He asks her about thinking of staying with him forever on the island and to tell him her decision after Ash’s match. On the following afternoon, Ash and Jiggy face each other on the battle field according to plan. The rule has been suggested that every trainer will send three Pokemon, synchronizing each other’s type. Jiggy is pretty strong, driving Ash into a tight corner. Misty can’t stand seeing Ash in such a bad condition. Jiggy’s Starmie somehow using thunderbolt on Squirtle and Squirtle learns Hydro Pump winning the match and gets his third Orange League badge.

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Misty Meets Her Match-

Eager to win another badge, Ash is being anything but modest. While boating across to the gym, our heroes spotted a girl and her Seel drowning within the spiky rocks surrounding the island. Misty quickly called out Staryu and rescued her. Her brother, Rudy, was quite impressed with Misty’s skill and asked her to dance. She accepted. Meanwhile, below sea level, Team Rocket is planning another ambush. However, they get sucked up into a whirlpool and that kept them busy for awhile. It is soon revealed that Rudy is the leader of the gym. In order to battle, Ash has to prove he’s worthy by hitting six targets while floating down Troveta River. He did just that and battle would be scheduled for the next day. That night, Misty and Rudy were dancing again. This time, however, Rudy asked her to stay with him on the island...

The next day, while on a plateau, Rudy and Ash got ready to duel it out. They each had to choose an Electric, Grass, and Water-type. Pikachu lost to Electrabuzz. Bulbasaur beat out Exeggutor, whom he saved as well. And Squirtle, who acquired Hydro Pump, finished off Rudy’s last remaining Pokémon. Thus, awarding the Spike Shell Badge to Ash. And finally, Misty decided not to stay and to continue her adventures with Ash and Tracey!

- Kirk G.


Episode 103 (USA)
Misty Meets Her Match

        Ash and his friends are on Lapras heading tward Trovita Island when
they see a girl, named Mari, trapped in a whirlpool with her  Seel. Misty
uses Staryu to save her and they all get on Lapras. After they come to the
shore, Team Rocket (who's watching from below in the sub) get caught in one
of the whirpools. Mari's brother, Rudy, thanks Misty and compliments her
over, and over, and over (quite boring)! Rudy starts to dance with Misty and
he reveals that he's the Gym Leader. Ash calls out for a challenge, but all
Rudy wants to do is dance with Misty! Finally, Rudy stops dancing and tells
Ash that he'll battle him if he can pass the test of knocking down targets as
they appear while they're sailing. Ash gets the first one with Pikachu, but
Rudy doesn't pay attention. He keeps on complimenting Misty. Ash tries
Charizard, who launches a Flamethrower attack... twards Ash! Ash ducks, but
the flame burns Misty instead. Ash uses Squirtle, Pikachu, and Bulbasaur for
the rest of the time. On one target, Team Rocket rises in the river, and a
target pops in front of them (Team Rocket's blasting off again...)! After Ash
wins the test, Rudy says the match will be tomorrow and invites Misty to

        At the house, Ash calls Prof. Oak to tell him about the battle.
Tracey shows Prof. Oak a scetch of the top of an Elekid's head in the bushes.
He says that he didn't get a good look at it (of  course, it's easy for  us
to figure it out). At dinner, Mari asks Misty to be a sister to her and stay 
     with them. Rudy shows Misty his dancing Pokemon and, once again, they
dance. Rudy asks her to stay as well, and tells her to give him her final
choice after the battle.

        The ref. flys on a Pidgeot as the match starts. Ash starts with
Pikachu and Rudy with Electabuzz. After absorbing Pikachu's electricity,
Pikachu goes down! Ash uses Bulbasaur and Rudy uses Exeggutor. Bulbasaur wins
with Sleep Powder. Ash uses Squirtle and Rudy Starmie. Starmie shocks
Squirtle with a Thunderbolt, but Squirtle doesn't give up! Misty tells Ash
that only he can make Squirtle win. Squirtle gets the Hydro Pump attack and
wins. Ash gets his Spike Shell Badge and Misty stays with Ash.

        This episode gets 4/5 stars. It's okay, but a little boring with the
love stuff. - LugiaJMG


    Misty, Tracy and Ash are riding on a boat. They approach Trovita. Suddenly they spot a little girl(Mari) and her Seel trapped in a whirlpool. Misty calls on Staryu and goes down to get Mari. Ash got on Lapras and Misty brought Mari and Seel there.
    Meanwhile-Mari's big brother, Rudy looks for Mari yelling out her name. When he saw Misty getting Mari on Lapras, he said to himself, "She's great."
      When Lapras got to the island Misty, Ash and Tracy saw Rudy run up to them. He thanks Misty and grabbed her to dance. Soon the three find out that he's the gym leader. Ash asks to challenge him. Rudy says that Ash's being rude. But he said that he accepts the challenge if Ash passes the attack test. He had to hit the targets on Trovita River. During the attack test Rudy wasn't concentrating on Ash. So he sent out Charizard. It used flamethrower on Ash but he dodged it and the flamethrower burned Misty. Still Ash passed the attack test.
    Rudy said that the match will be tomorrow morning and invited Misty for dinner. When they finished dinner Mari said that she wanted to have Misty as her older sister. Rudy decided to let his Pokemon meet Misty so they went dancing again(Misty with Rudy; Mari with Togepi; and Rudy's Pokemon). While dancing, Rudy asked Misty to stay with them forever. He asked her to give him her answer after the match.
       During the match Pikachu lost against Electabuzz, Bulbasaur beat Exeggutor and Squirtle, well, um, while battling Starmie it learned Hydro Pump(while my Blastoise in the yellow version didn't learn it yet). Squirtle beat Starmie and Ash got the badge. Misty decided not to stay but Rudy still gave her flowers. The three left Trovita. Bye Rudy and Mari!
I give this episode 5 stars! It is one of my favorite episodes. - ANATOLIY LANGERMAN