U.S. Episode # 86:

Stage Fight - First aired in U.S. February 2000                           
It starts off with the narrator talking about the Pokemon showboat and the fact that all the actors are pokemon. Ash,Misty , and Tracey all agree to go see the show. The next scene features a part of the play. It seems the play was about a Htmonchan and his Clefable girlfriend. Hitmonchan is a boxer and is going up against his rival Machoke. Hitmonchan wins. Meanwhile Ash and Misty were watching the show Togepi got lost. Misty and Ash follow Togepi  back stage . There they find out the Pokemon actors who seemed to be talking all in reality had humans doing their voices for them. Then a girl appears and tells Ash to be quiet. Ash and Misty and Tracey are allowed to ride the Showboat to the next island. Ash promises to teach Kay[the girl I mentioned before] the secret of getting along with electric pokemon, since Kay and her Raichu don't seem to get along. Ash tells Kay a lot of  stuff like you have to understand the personality of the pokemon and every pokemon is different. Tracey is impressed . Misty says Ash is repeating what Brock used to tell him. Ash can't help Kay though because he doesn't know the secret himself. That night Ash speaks with Kay and Kay tells Ash why Raichu is scared  of her . When she and Raichu first met it shocked her by accident and she threw it by accident .Since then she's been scared of getting shocked and Raichu knows she's scared so he is afraid of getting thrown and won't get near Kay. Ash says that If Kay really wants to be Raichu's trainer than it would work out. Misty and Tracey are listening around the comer and now are complimenting his statement.Team  rockett all the while have been planning to take over the boat. Just then they fire a torpedo from their sub and the another. Team rockett then comes board and threatens to blow the ship up . At first Ash isn't scared but then he is convinced by Rodger {the owner of the boat ] to surrender peacefully . Ash and  everyone else on the boat is the tied up . The actors who do the voices of the pokemon manage to move to the curtain. Out in front of the curtain Team rockett is talking with pokemon telling them to listen to Jessie and James and to resign to their fate. then Hitmonchan punches James. At  that moment rodger does Hitmonchan's  voice and team rockett gets scared . Meowth on the other hand is using this as an  opportunity to mention his learning to speak. The pokemon prepare to battle team rockett . Weazing then does a smoke screen . Then Ash { who managed to free himself from the ropes]comes and challenges team rockett. Kay and her Raichu also enter the battle. Team rockett loses and is thrown of the ship. The next scene shows Ash and his friends talking with professor Oak about the Showboat . The Professor is interested in the show and might go see it someday. Then Kay comes in and tells Ash Rodger  is sick and cannot perform today. Ash speaks with Rodger back stage and Kay agrees to take Rodger 's place in today's show . Ash also volunteers. The next Scene shows Raichu welcoming the audience and Pikachu too. Then the  pokemon do a little dance. Misty and Tracey are in the rafters helping they're throwing the confetti for the big dance number I mentioned . In the background  they're playing the new theme song.
This was really nice episode I give it 5 out of 5 stars



Okay here's how it goes ...  Ash and co. are on this one ship and they were watching a play with Pokemon ...  they are: Hitmonchan,Clefable and Machoke.  And later Ash and co. met up with this one girl and she told them why her Raichu was so scard of her because one of the people on the ship gave her a Raichu and her and Raichu were running to hug each other and they hugged each other and Raichu's tail threw an electric shock and she threw Raichu by accident and then Raichu was sad and she was sad because Raichu thought that she was gonna hert him and Raichu was supposed to go on stage but it did not go on stage and Raichu was in a corner crying and the girl wanted Raichu to go on stage but Raichu refused to go on stage later Team Rocket bunched in and they tried to steal all of the rare pokemon on the ship then Raichu hided under some barrals and the girl touched Raichu and Raichu was scared and the girl said" It' me Raichu "and then Raichu was happy and the girl said "megabite now " And Team Rocket blasts off and later Pikachu and Raichu were on stage with all the rest of the pokemon and then the stage was over.