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We offer an excellent opportunity to reach tens of thousands of young adults & parents, by offering banner advertising on this site.  We limit banners on our site to one per page, and all ads are placed 1/3 to halfway down the page (as opposed to the very top) where studies have shown they generate 77% higher click-through rates.  

We feature a General Rotation Advertising Program.  This is a cost efficient way to advertise on the Web. A General Rotation Advertising Program distributes your banner randomly throughout The PoJo Website.   The ad views you purchase will be delivered evenly with other banner ads running on the site. 

Notes on our PoJo visitors:

  • most our visitors are teenagers through adults
  • 88% own Nintendo Gameboy Systems
  • 70% own a Nintendo 64 system
  • 65% own a Color Gameboy
  • 50% own a Sony Playstation
  • 90% watch the cartoon series
Maximum size is 468w x 60h x 15K file size; animation okay.

E-mail us for information: advertising@pojo.com

Looking to advertise in the magazine or online?

Contact Reid Wiersema, (847)444-4880, ext. 378, rwiersema@hsmedia.com or

Patrick Julian, (847)444-4880, ext. 307, pjulian@hsmedia.com .