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Meet the Staff from Our Old Pokemon Magazines from 1999:

Associate Publisher - Sara Fiedelholtz

Editorial Director - Mary Beth Dvorak Sobolewski

Editor-In-Chief - Bill Gill

Managing Editor - Nancy Davies

Managing Art Director - Mark Styczen

Senior Editor - Kit Kiefer

Advertising Account Executives - Patrick Julian, Amy Marts, Reid Wiersema

Advertising Assistant - Sharon Ward

Staff Writers - Jackie La Berg, Linda Sigrist, Brian Brokaw, Aaron Teare, Scott Gerhardt

Contributing Writers - Catherine Buckley, Hal Hintze, Gary Mollohan, Michelle Sullivan Photography - Dennis Jordan, Michele Plumley

Graphic Designers - Kimberly A. Hall, Wayne Kibar, Rob Wyszkowski

Chief Executive Officer - Harvey Wasserman

President - Stephen D. Keen

Vice President Controller - Richard Pinder

Vice President of Sales and Circulation - Bruce Jones

Vice President of H&S Distribution Co. - Robert W. Baker

Vice President Human Resources - Anne Kazelak

Production Manager - Kimberly Blair

Purchasing Manager - Kathleen McCafferty

Imaging Manager - Rick Kieras

Scanner Operator - John Orellana Paper Inventory Control Analyst - Alan Brask

Webmaster - Jennifer Coyle

Web Editor - Erin Brereton

Web Developer - John Mellberg

Online Coordinator - Bryan Palluck

Subscription Manager - Toni Ballentine

Senior Circulation Manager - David Hagman

Circulation Manager - Ted M. Smith

Circulation Assistant - Ann-Marie Mrozynski

Marketing Representative - Lada Heep

Executive Assistants - Deanna Kahn, Mary Sansone

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