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We got this episode in Ireland recently, so here’s what it’s about.

The gang arrives at Trobitopolis city, on their way to the next Orange League gym. Team Rocket watch from a distance, and concoct  a scheme to capture Pikachu by blowing out the ground from under it, then capturing it in a pit. Predictably, it backfires, and both Team Rocket and Ash, Misty and Tracey are stranded in the sewers below Trobitopolis city.

As they wander around, searching for a way out, something taps Ash on the shoulder. It’s obvious that it’s either a Bulbasaur, Ivysaur or Venusaur using “Vine Whip”, but Ash immediately assumes it’s a monster and sends out his Bulbasaur to battle it. Unfortunately, the battle ends with Bulbasaur being draggged underwater by the mysterious Pokemon. When discovered by Officer Jenny, Ash refuses to leave his Bulbasaur, and Misty and Tracey have to hog-tie him to get him out of the sewers.

At the police station, we meet the Mayor, who is desperately trying to cover up the whole “monster” incident.He believes that he will not be re-elected if the citizens hear that a dangerous creature is roaming the sewers. Reluctantly, he lets them go. Once outside, we see various election posters and statues honouring the Mayor. They all have a strange symbol which Tracey discovers is the Mayor’s seal. Meanwhile, the mayor has organised a SWAT team to exterminate the creature, even though Jenny and Joy assure him that it’s illegal.

Back in the sewers, Team Rocket encounter the creature and, being their usual heroic selves, they run a mile. Moments later, they run into Ash, who has returned to look for his Bulbasaur. TR mistake him for a monster and use Weezing’s smokescreen to escape. Deciding that they have done enough running away, they pull scary faces to try and intimidate whatever it is they hear around the corner. It turns out to be the SWAT team, who retaliate by opening fire on TR.

Misty and Togepi become the monsters’ next victims when it grabs them and yanks them underwater. Ash sends out Muk to navigate the sewers, and their journey eventually takes them to a dead-end tunnel. Tracey spots that the tunnel continues underwater, so Ash dives in and continues to search.

The Mayor has now decided to seal off the sewers until after the election, trapping everyone underground, while Ash finally discovers the identity of the monster: it’s a Bulbasaur who has been stranded in the sewers for years. They notice a collar around it’s neck which bears the Mayor’s seal, and they come to the conclusion that he must have abandoned it. They confront him and he admits that he got rid of it when it wouldn’t evolve. The SWAT team shows up and prepares to terminate the Bulbasaur on the grounds that it is holding the Mayor hostage. Pikachu shocks the hell out of them, while Ash’s Bulbasaur Vine Whips both them and the Mayor away.

When it is all over and done with, the people of the city have seen what kind of person the Mayor is, and Jenny is confident that he will not be re-elected. She thanks Ash for all he has done, and points the gang in the direction of the next gym.

All in all, this was not a great episode, and only the usual antics by Team Rocket save it from mediocrity. I’d give it 2 out of 5.

Moira Mac Fadden


The Mystery Menace.

Ash and co. start out looking at Trivita City. Then you see team rocket getting ready an explosive. It sends ash and friends into a hole, along with team rocket. They wander around aimlessly for a while and some tentacles take bulbasaur. Officer jenny rescues them and ash is brought, struggling to the surface, without bulbasaur. They find out that the monster has been terrorizing the people of trivita. Ash, Tracy and Misty go down to the sewers. The mayor starts cementing the holes and says he doesn’t care about ash and co. Right about then misty and togepi are taken by the tentacles. Ash uses muk to find their way. He swims through this tunnel and he is suddenly knocked out. When he wakes up he sees this huge bulbasaur. It belongs to the mayor. The sewage bursts and ash and friend are sent to the surface. The big bulbasaur picks up the mayor and throws him away. At the end ash heads to trivita island to get his 3rd orange league badge.

stephanie Fitzpatrick


Episode 99
Our heroes arrived at trobitopolis city, they are going to the next gym. Team rocket is looking far and meowth was explaining his plan (put a bomb under pikachu so it fall in a hole). Then jesse and james push the boton and KABOOM and misty, ash, tracy, team rocket fall in a hole. They were in the sewers when something touched ash`s shoulder and he send out bulbasaur, bulbasaur did razor leaf but the battle ends when the thing dragged bulba to underwater.Then jenny threw a rope and ash refuses to leave without bulba but then they have to hog-tie him to get him out. They were in the jail when jenny told them that they can go and the mayor was there and then jenny and the mayor had a discussion to tell them but then jenny explained that the mayor won`t tell them because if the citizen know that he will not be re-elected. Outside the gang saw posters, statues and more things, tracy saw a symbol but he discovered that was the mayor`s seal. Meanwhile the mayor organized a band for close all doors to the sewers. Joy helped them to enter to the sewers in a secret door but then the mayor closed it while joy was saying that that`s ilegal. Then the thing appeared and tried to steal togepy but misty went with it with the monster. Then ash send muk and order to locate misty, muk said that was underwater  and they all dive underwater and ash fall inconscient. Then he woke up and saw misty, bulbasaur and everybody; the thing was a bulbasaur VERY BIG (is old) and they found the mayor`s seal in bulba`s neck and they said that the mayor have abandoned it. They went out because the water of the sewers went out and entered to the mayor`s house, he was taking a bath and then they confronted him,(he was only with a towel) he remembered that he abandoned it because it didn`t wanted to evolve. Then bulbasaur used vine whip and the mayor goes away........ding and joy said that the next boat for trovita island was that day.
i give this 3 from 5 bulbasaur save this from BAD EPISODE.
Gustavo Bustamante Venezuela