Episode 113 - The Rivalry Revival

   The episode begins when Ash and Gary battle. The outcome of the battle was win for Gary and loss for Ash. Prof.Oak explains the whereabouts of the Johto League. Ash decides to compete in the Johto League. That night, Ash, Misty, Tracy, Brock, Mrs.Ketchum, and Prof.Oak had a dinner celebration.Prof.Oak gives Ash the new and improved PokeDEX. Team Rocket disguises themselves as news reporters and enters the Ketchum residence. James captures Pikachu and traps him inside the video camera. They try to escape through the garden, but Mr. Mime makes walls and they couldn't escape through the garden. But they found another way to escape. Before they do that, Ash and co. stops them. Ash orders Pikachu to shock the camera, but the camera is made rubber. Scyther joins the battle and slashes the camera to free Pikachu. Marill also joins the battle and together they blasted Team Rocket once again. Then everyone got a good night rest. The next morning, Ash packed up all his things and left Pallet Town to begin the Johto
- Joseph Viray


Ash challenges Gary, and Gary finally accepts the challenge know that he
knows Ash was the champion of the Orange League.  Ash calls out his Pikachu
and Gary calls out his Eevee.  Pikachu starts off with quick attack, but
Eevee uses reflect to block it.  Pikachu uses thunderbolt but Eevee manages
to dodge it.  Ash tells Pikachu to use it's most powerful attack... Thunder,
however it fails because Eevee uses Headbutt and hits Pikachu before it can
use Thunder.  Pikachu falls defeated giving victory to Gary and Eevee.
Ash's friends are surprised becuse Ash won the Orange league and lost to
Gary.  Gary shows off like always and tells Ash he will be entering the Jolt
League, so he'll be leaving Pallet Town for a while.  Ash who does not want
Gary to become ahead of him (more than he already is) quicly decides to go
to Johto to try to win the Jolt league.  Brock decides to join the group and
Professor Oak who can't manage to scan the GS ball, asks Ash to give the GS
ball to another Pokémon professor in Johto, because he may be able to figure
out how the GS ball works.  Meanwhile, Team Rocket shows up and challenges
Gary, but he simply ignores them (in the previous episode Gary battled
Jessie and won easily).  Professor Oak gives Ash the improved version of the
pokédex and tells him to head for the Jolt league.  Tracy decides to remain
working with his idol, Professor Oak.  On the way Team Rocket, shows up as
reporters and steal Pikachu but they are blasted off by a Scyther.  Finally
Ash, Misty and Brock set out into the adventures in Johto.

Great episode 5/5 - We got to see more of Gary's pokémon and also Brock
joined the group.  Although Ash returned from the Orange League he didn't
pick up his Pidgeot as he promised.

- Israel


Rivalry Revival- The Episode starts of when Ash and Gary about to have a pokemon battle. Ash chooses Pikachu and Gary chooses Eevee. In the battle it is easy to see that Eevee is stronger than Pikachu. In the end Ash loses and Gary leaves town. Ash mopes around until Misty tells Ash that Gary has started another journey. Ash
rushes to Pr. Oak's lab to know more. When he gets there he finds Pr. Oak studying the GS Ball. He says that he can't figure it out. Then Ash asks where Gary is going and finds out that Gary has been training to compete in the Johto league. A leage that only the best compete. Ash says he wants to compete too then Pr. Oak hands him
the GS Ball and says he wants Ash to take it the pokeball expert. Misty then says that if he takes the ball to this expert he would miss the leage, but Pr. Oak says the pokeball expect lives in the town where all the people who want to enter the leage sign up. Then they find out that Brock is coming with them again and that Tracy is going to stay with Pr. Oak and be his assitant. Later at dinner Team Rocket shown up, desguised to be news reporters and eat most of the food and capture pikachu in the camera. Outside Syther and Maril get rid of them . The next day they start to head out of town after saying goodbye. The End.- 

By- Togepi2000