U.S. Episode # 91:

Snack Time -                            
Greetings from Australia, where we get the Orange League episodes 4 times a week!
Episode 90. Snack Time! 

Ash and co. make their way to the Grapefruit Islands, a sequence of islands where a girl called Ruby and her team grow and harvest big grapefruits, with the help of Butterfree pollen. Ash and co. arrive to find that someone it stealing the grapefruit. It happens to be a Snorlax, which procedes to devour the grapefruit of 2 whole islands, despite the efforts of Ash and co. to stop him. Even TR give it a go. Some good bits are when Snorlax full body slams Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Jame's Victreebel. Eventually, Ash and co. set the stage for Jigglypuff, and he sings Snorlax to sleep. Ash then captures Snorlax! The episode is fairly good, and it's fun to see the big green giant slamming Pokemon left right and center.

Cheers. - Matt Darch