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El Ravager's E.R.


1) Single Pokemon- Never ever ever put one single Pokemon in a deck. I donít care what Stage it is. If you want to win, donít do this. Even if it is a Stage 2, you need at least 2 of them if you want to use them in the game, because they will end up in your goal cards or at the bottom of your deck. Trust me it happens.

2) Single Trainers- If you have a trainer in your deck, it should be there for a reason. Do NOT throw in trainers just because. You must have a strategy when it comes to your trainers. Ex: Card drawing, Energy Removal, E. Retrieval, Healing, etc.... Another thing, there is not a universal card that goes in every deck, including energy. Trust me, thereís this deck I have played that will make you cry.

3) Too Many Trainers- I see deck after deck with 1 of every trainer. NO!!!

Read the above rule.

4) Too Little or Too Much Energy- It would be safe for most decks to run 23-28 energy depending on the deck. But, there are exceptions to every rule. Fire decks need a lot, including Retrievals, whereas Stall decks may not need that many. Some decks may have small attack costs, like Haymakers. It just depends.

5) Have A Strategy With Your Cards- Decks need to have a strategy. A GOOD strategy. Haymakers focus on big damage, fast. Stall decks...well, they stall. Status effect decks...need I say more. The same thing goes for trainers. If you stall, add trainers to help you stall. If you need fast damage, or quick kills add cards to aid you. Donít throw in a PokeFlute hoping that you will find a use for it.

Some of you donít get responses to your decks. The reason why? Some of these decks, no offense, are not good. I urge you please read and learn from the Deck Garages. I understand some of you do not have a huge card selection and some of you are just new. I am not trying to brag, but I get 20 new email a day, and they are practically the same deck over and over and I canít respond to each of them saying the same thing. I will go nuts. I am just trying to help each of us become better players. I know that I still have a lot to learn and have become a better player ever since I started the Deck Garage. And I really hope that all of you become better players. Another thing, practice! With friends, family, yourself even. It can only help you. We canít build your decks for you. Just keep trying, but donít be afraid to ask us for advice. Two heads are better than one.

Thatís about it.  -  Josh M.

6.21.00 Rocket Blastoise
6.21.00 Poisonous Stinger
6.12.00 Mew2Hay
6.12.00 Bench Frightening
6.5.00 Energy Denial
6.5.00 TurboTurbo Blastoise
5.29.00 Flame of Fury
5.29.00 My Colorless Deck
5.22.00 Switcheroo's Revenge
5.22.00 Evil Wigtrio
5.15.00 Moltres Stall
5.8.00 MewChan's Absorption
5.8.00 Jiggly's Junkyard
5.1.00 Overgrowth
5.1.00 Toxic Wave
4.24.00 Deck Help
4.24.00 The Spotted North American Haymaker
4.17.00 PsyRay
4.17.00 Raindance
4.3.00 Wiggly Energy
4.3.00 Ambush
3.27.00 Brain Storm
3.27.00 Grassmaker
3.13.00 Psychic Poke
3.13.00 Magmar Deck
2.28.00 Wild Fire Fun
2.28.00 Damage Swap
2.14.00 Mukpourri
2.14.00 Sykic Phish
2.7.00 Energy Eatin' Ducks
2.7.00 My Pokemon Deck
1.31.00 Curse You
1.31.00 Dittochan Deck
1.18.00 Fire/Fight
1.12.00 One Fried Blastoise, To Go
1.12.00 Hydrocrush
1.12.00 Anti Raindance
1.3.00 Overgrowth
1.3.00 Hurricane Rain
11.1.99 Deck Help
11.1.99 Psychic Deck
10.18.99 Turbo Blastoise
10.18.99 Rapid-Buzz
10.12.99 Three Color Hay
10.12.99 Unfocused Hay
10.10.99 Thunder
10.10.99 Grass FX
10.8.99 Help My Haymaker
10.8.99 Fighting/Water Deck
10.7.99 Fossil Deck
10.6.99 Fossil Rain Dance
10.6.99 Ditto Deck
9.22.99 Happy Haymaker
9.20.99 Fighting Deck
9.20.99 Fire Bunch
9.16.99 Dragonchan
9.13.99 Help My Haymaker
9.13.99 Colorless Beatings
9.6.99 Mindshock
9.1.99 Psychic Deck
8.25.99 Deep Thoughts
8.17.99 Help me with this deck
8.17.99 Rate my deck
8.17.99 Sea-Crash Deck
8.17.99 Psychic Hotline
8.5.99 Could use help
8.5.99 Killer Deck of Doom
8.5.99 Water Deck
8.5.99 Firefighting Deck 
7.27.99 The Staller
7.27.99 Water Blast
7.27.99 Little Evolution
7.27.99 Pokemon Deck
7.27.99 Heavy Hitters Deck
7.27.99 Please review my deck


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