It is an interesting deck, but I don't believe it is tourney worthy. 
Why, you ask?  You are severy susceptible to energy removal, and in any good
tourney scene, energy removal is very prevalent.  Mr. Mime, Scyther,
Jigglypuff, and Pinsir all need at least 2 energy to attack.  Mewtwo is
about the only thing in there that will not hurt from energy removal.  I
would change out the Pinsir for Electabuzz, and if you are going to run
'Puff, run Wigglytuff as well.  He is a great late-game, and fits in any
deck--'cuz he's colorless!
   So, your Pokemon should look like this....3 Promo Mewtwo, 3 'Buzz, 3
Scyther, 3/2 Jigg/Wigg.

   As for Trainers, as I mentioned earlier, energy removal is about as good
as you get.  It is the most effective way to disrupt your opponent.  So add
4 Super Energy Removal, and you should be set in that department.  I would
change out those 2 Potions for Scoop Up.  They are much better.  I would
switch out those Defender for a few Oaks and Comp Searches.  Add another
Gust, and some Item Finder.  To make room for all of this, take out about 6
Energy.  I would run 11 Psychic and 8 Electric, with 4 DCE's, along with a
couple of Energy Retrieval.  Everything else looks good.  Thanks for the
deck, and good luck!



Josh my deck is a bit strange i don't know if it is a stall or haymaker
but it is really good but i want you to take a look at because i'm going
to a tournament in a week or two.

14 Psychic
11 Grass
4 Colorless

2 Mewtwo (Promo Movie) (Haymaker)
3 Mr. Mime (Stall)
3 Pinsir (Haymaker
2 Scyther (Haymaker)
3 JigglyPuff (Jungle) (Stall)

2 Bill (Always a good card)
2 Potion (Nuf said)
2 GOW (Stall)
4 Energy Removal (Stall)
4 Defender (Stall)
4 PlusPower (Haymaker)

So how is it?

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