This deck needs a direction.  You have so many things you are trying to
do here....I can't tell what you are trying to accomplish.  You need to
focus on as few things as possible and run multiples.  3/3/2 on the Kazam
and Gengar families is a good way to go....followed by 2-3 Hitmonchan/lee
and Ditto would narrow down your Pokemon groups and you would actually draw
what you need.  Don't run Aerodactyl in a deck where you
doesn't make sense.  You also need more energy. Also, narrow down your
trainers to a specfic few and run multiples of them.  If I had the time I
would go over them, but I don't....if you have questions read some of my
earlier artuicles when I go in-depth.  Good luck.


Subject: Deck Help!
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1999 22:55:05 EDT

Hi... I too am a deck mechanic but I just do it for friends and people at
school... But when working with my own deck I tend to be too attached to
of the cards so it stops me from dropping it... I have a half major dilema
here... I have 63 cards in my deck! AHHHH! This Saturday (the 30th) is a
tournament and I need to get prepared for it... All I am asking of you is
rate it 0-10 and tell me what 3 cards to drop... And if you find yourself
with an extra moment can you "dissect" it and tell me what you spot as
good/bad areas... So now onto the strategy... Early on in the games I rely
Ditto, Kadabras, Hitmonlee/chan, and Mr. Mime. While I use them I'm usually
building an arsenal of my big guys and bench warmers (Bench Warmers= Pokemon
only used for thier Pokemon Power or high HP for Damage Swap) such as
Machamp, Alakazam, Aerodactyl, Kangaskhan, and sometimes Clefable. Later In
the game I will be using one of my big guys doing heavy damage while
and Kangaskhan keep them alive... My strategy seems very simple but I am
rarely beeten so I'd rather not change that... Now to the deck... (I AM


Psychic Energy: 10
Fighting Energy: 10


Abra: 3
Kadabra: 2
Alakazam: 1
Gastly: 2 (Fossil)
Haunter: 2 (Fossil)
Gengar: 1
Mr. Mime: 1
Mewtwo: 1
Machop: 3
Machoke: 2
Machamp: 2
Hitmonlee: 1
Hitmonchan: 1
Aerodactyl: 1
Clefairy: 1
Clefable: 1
Ditto: 1
Kangaskhan: 1


Pokemon Trader: 1
Pokemon Breeder: 1
Energy Retrieval: 1
Bill: 2
Computer Search: 2
Defender: 1
Plus Power: 2
Mysterious Fossil: 2
Energy Removal: 1

After Thoughts: At this point I'm not too fond of my Clefairy/Clefable but I
would like to get 2 more Ditto to take thier places. I  might want to lose a
Plus Power or a Defender... Maybe drop Mewtwo for another Mr. Mime for extra
Psychic protection... Switch 1 Abra for another Fossil Gastly but I need to
find one of them... I could lose a Potion or an Energy Removal but that buys
me time sometimes... I'm leavenig the rest to you... tell me what you think
of my after thoughts also!

                                                         THANKS BYE!!!!!!