Wow!  You have definitely put some thought into this deck.  This is one
of the better decks I have recieved.  There aren't that many changes I would
make, but here are the ones I would make.
   The days of Hitmonchan are over I believe, he led us thru Base Set and
Jungle, and began to slack off around Fossil, with the appearance of the new
Magmar.  Promo Mewtwo has taken his place I believe.  So, there is the first
change.  Change Hitmo, to Promo Mewtwo.  Energy Removal won't wreck him as
much, and that way you also cover Wigglytuff's weakness to Fighting.
   You might want to drop a few Energy and run a couple of Energy Retrieval,
and maybe a few Comp Searches.  Everything else looks like it is in tip top
shape.  Thanks for the deck, and good luck!



Hey. I made up a deck that consists of high damage and energy denial. What
do you think might also work well in this deck?

4 Jigglypuff
3 Wigglytuff (big damager)
4 Dratini
3 Dragonair (i was thinking of poliwrath but stage2)
4 Hitmonchan (fast starter)

4 energy removal(a super e.r. if combined with dragonair)
4 super e.r.
3 computer search
3 pokemon trader
2 professor oak

22 fighting energy
4 double colorless

my strategy is to start with hitmonchan until he gets k.o. use dragonair to
take away energy. finish it off with wigglytuff. please help me.