First off,

  I see way to many 1's and 2's.  You need to concentrate on a few families
and run multples of them.  Multiples are the fast and safe way to go.  As
far as Trainers go, Oaks, Bills, Item Finders, PlusPowers, Gusts and maybe
even Comp Searches should be in there.  You should run 2 or more of each. 
The energy looks nice.  If you have to, drop a few to make room for what you
need.  If you plan on running colorless, add 2-4 DCE's to help out with
their energy requirements.  Good luck and practice, practice, practice.



Dear Josh,
      I started a haymaker/heavy hitter deck after looking at some of garage
projects.  I haven't tested it in any tournaments yet but I've killed my
friends' deck with it.  Please tell me how to make it better.  I have good
reasons for most of my cards, except for a few, like Tauros which I will
probably replace with a Wigglytuff.


2 Kangaskhan-Heavy hitter/Item finder
2 Hitmonchan-Haymaker
2 Machop-Haymaker/Evolution
2 Machoke-Heavy hitter/Evolution
1 Machamp-Heavy hitter(Only one I have yet)
2 Dratini-Evolution
2 Dragonair-Heavy hitter/Energy removal
1 Lickitung-Haymaker/Status changer
1 Doduo-Haymaker/Evolution
1 Dodrio-Retreat aid/Desperation(Rage)
1 Rattata-Haymaker/Evolution
1 Raticate-Haymaker/Heavy hitter
1 Mankey-Card surveillance/Evolution
1 Primeape-Haymaker/Heavy hitter
2 Jigglypuff-Haymaker/Status changer
1 Tauros-Haymaker/Desperation(Rampage)
1 Sandshrew-Haymaker/Status changer

Trainers 9

1 Revive-Self explanatory(Need more)
1 Energy Retrieval-Retreat purposes(Coupled with Dodrio)
1 Full Heal-For Tauros or Primeape(Need more)
3 Potion-To heal my Pokemon until I can get more Super Potions
1 Super Potion-Self explanatory
2 Professor Oak-Item finder(Coupled with Kangaskhan)

Energy 27

27 Fighting energies