On a scale of 1-10, I give this about an 8.  You've got the right idea,
but you still need some help getting there.

   Energy Removal, in my opinion, does not belong in a Raindance.  If you
absoulutely have to have some, run 4 Super, and nothing else.  They work
well with the whole theme.  You've also got to know what the deck is weak
to.  It's main problems are Mr. Mime, and Electabuzz.  Lapras gets rid of
Mime, and Blastoise + PlusPower = dead Buzz.  So you definitely need at
least 3 Lapras and 3-4 PlusPower.  You also need to be able to get to the
Blastoise as fast as possible.  To do that you need 3-4 Oak, 3-4 Bill, 3-4
Comp Search, and 3-4 Item Finder.  Since you will be burning thru your deck
so fast, you will probably want a couple of Energy Retrievals.
   As for Pokemon, I would get rid of the Seel family and just run 3-4
Articuno, and 3-4 Lapras.  Have you noticed a theme yet?  Raindance needs a
lot of multiples of different cards to "go off", but that doesn't mean you
use them all.  If you don't have much deck left, don't Oak, unless you know
you can win the game.
   The last change I would suggest is dropping the DCE's and replacing them
with Water Energy.

   Thanks for the deck, and good luck!


Hey. I have a Raindance deck that is very good. it is very fast and deals
serious damage very fast. It needs some adjustments I think so if you can
please make them.
My deck is called "WaterWave"

22 Water

4 Squirtle
4 Blastoise
3 Seel
3 Dewgong
3 Articuno
2 Lapras
1 Ditto

4 Breeders
2 Energy Removals
2 Super Energy Removals
2 Oak
3 Bills
1 Computer Search
2 Gust Of Wind

My Strategy is to get out Articuno to stall until I get Blastoise in my
bench. I will then oak and bill until I get enough energy on all of my hars
hitting pokemon.

Please help and give it a rating of 1-10 (10 being the highest)

thank you

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