First of all, you have the Omanyte family, and no we will
drop them.  Step up the Nidoran family to 4/3/3 or 4/3/2.  Switch the Water
Energy over to Grass and add 2 more DCE.  I would also add at least 3
Scyther and maybe 2-3 Pinsir.  Keep the Puff/Tuff...they rock.
   As for Trainers, you definately need more card drawing.  2-3 Oak and Bill
are great.  Since you are running a lot of Evolves, try running Traders
and/or Nightly Garbage Run.  At least run 2 NGR.  They are going to be
staples in almost any deck.  You might consider a few Gusts, and that should
be about it on the Trainer department.
   Like I said earlier, switch over to Grass Energy, and the final count
should be something like this:  4 DCE and 19 Grass Energy.  Thanks for the
deck, and good luck.


My decks name is Toxic Wave. My freind help me build it but i can't seem to
do well with it. Can you help me please.

14 grass enrgy
8 water energy
2 double colorless

4 grimer
3 muk
3 nidoran(female)
2 nidorina
2 nidoqueen
3 jigglypuff
2 wigglytuff
3 omanyte
2 omastar

6 potions
2 bill
2 computer search
2 energy removal

I'm kinda new to this so if you could help my evolution dependant deck i
would greatly appreciate it, thanks alot.

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