Not bad...a Grass Haymaker.  Let's get right to it....

   Drop a 'Buzz and a Scyther.  4 is excessive and should only be run when
you are trying to evolve them, or you specifically need them for a combo in
the deck...etc....   I would add 3 Ditto if possible, cuz they rock.

   The Trainers look decent.  I would go 4/4 on the Removal.  I would drop
about 2 Grass Energy and 1 Electric Energy, a Comp Search and a PlusPower
and add some Item Finder and a few Energy Retrievals.  Other than that, the
deck seems to be running at peak efficiency.  Thanks for the deck and good



It has been pretty successful but I want to use it at a tourny and since 4
out of the top 5 people in the world go there I need to stay competetive.
I've won a few times but unfortuntely I havent played enough to be top 20 or
30 in the world.So here goes:

4-Electabuzz (Best Pokemon, hands down)
4-Scyther (Covers Electabuzz weakness, very powerful, and free retreat.)
3-Pinsir (Very powerful for 2 grass 20 and can paralize add a DC and kill
that 70hp)

4-Plus Power
3-Energy Removal
3-Super Energy Removal
3-Gust of Wind
3-Scoop up
3-Comp Search (get that Plus power for the kill or Oak to save yourself!)

4-Double Colorless

Thanks for your help!!!!!

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