Damage Swap decks are really fun to play, but there are a few problems
with yours.  First of all, you have WAY too much Energy, and not enough
Trainers.  You need Pokemon Traders, and Scoops.  4 and 4 of each.  You
don't need Jynx, and you only need 3 Mime.  You might want a couple of Oaks
just in case.  Almost every deck has card drawing, so you can afford some
Oaking every now and then.  To make up for those, you can add Fuji's, 3-4 of
them.  If you want to stick with Breeders, go ahead, but I like to walk them
up.  You might want to add a couple of Movie Promo Mewtwo also.  Since you
are weak to Psychic, you will need something to kill other Psychic with. 
You might also want a couple of Ditto also.  They can help get rid of major
threats.  You also need 4 DCE's.  I would run anywhere from 18-20 Energy and
4/4 Energy Removal.  If you are going to run a stall deck, Energy Removal
does nothing but help you.  Good luck.



I just wanted to tell you about a deck my friend just recently made.  I
really like it, but I was just wondering if you might want to change it a
little.  The Alakazam/Chansey team works great, since that was the key to
winning his matches.  Anyway, if you could see what you could do to make it
the ideal Psychic Deck, I would really appreciate it.  Anyway, here's the

4   Abra
2   Kadabra
3   Alakazam
4   Jynx
4   Mr. Mime
4   Chansey

2   Pokémon Breeder
4   Super Potion
4   Pokémon Center

25  Psychic Energy
4   Double Colorless Energy

The strategy is to get an Alakazam out in the bench, and whenever the active
gets hurt, you move the damage counters to a Chansey with no energy on it.
And when the Chansey (or any other Pokémon with no energy on them) have
enough damage counters on them, you use Pokémon Center and remove all of the
damage counters without having to worry about the energy.  The super potions
are mainly for the active Pokémon, while the Pokémon Centers are usually
used on the bench.

I would really appreciate it if you can tell me if there are any changes you
would recommend for the deck.


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