I would definately try to go 4 Squirtle/4 Blastoise and run Breeder.  This
will also be helpful if you plan to run Venusaur also.  You are running a
lot of evolves, so Traders might be helpful also.  You need some early game
power....like Ditto, or Scyther or Chansey for stalling, so you can get out
the big guns.  You will want to run at least 3 of each Trainer you run in
this deck.  Card drawing, trading, and breeding are all essential in a deck
like this.  It is reliant off of more than one thing happening, as opposed
to Haymaker, which can deal out big damage first turn.  You will want to run
DCE's most likely, especially if you are going to run Ditto.  Other than
that, it looks fine.


Hi there,

Iv'e just started pokemon and I purchased an "overgrowth" deck. I have
changed it a lot and are starting to run into problems. In my deck I would
like to evolve all my pokemon and stomp the opponemts basic pokemon and win
with some pokemon powers like "rain dance.

_please note I live in the U.K and it is impossible for me to get hold of
Jungle and fossil, I know this is a pain but all I can get hold of is "basic

I may be a little short.

4 Magikarp

3 Gyarados

3 Bulbasaur

2 Ivysaur

1Venusaur (haven't got this yet) still trying!

3 Squirtle

1 Wartortle

1 Blastoise

1 Clefairy

2 potion

2 super [otion


2 Pokedex

1 Pokemon trader

1 pkemon breeder

11 plant energy

12 water energy

P.S I'm not bothered about posting this crap deck, All I would like is some
friendly advise

Thanx alot




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