First of all, running more than 2 colors can work.  Check out Scott
Gerhardt's Potpourri.  Do you know anyone who has created their own
Arch-type?!  Next, I notice you said the Scoops were for Chansey.  Scoops
are the ultimate pisser-offer.  They work extremely well with all of the
Pokemon you are running.  They make Ditto 10 times as broken.  Denying your
opponents of prizes is very fun and easy to do with Scoops.  In fact I would
run 4 Scoops and 2-3 Item Finders.  Drop the Farfetch'd definately.  You can
run Scyther or Fetch'd....not both.  In the present environment here, and
other places according to many, Scyther kicks butt and chews bubble
gum...and he's all out of gum......(obscure video game reference.)

   You have it backwards on the Electric/Fire ratio, switch the them around.
  'Buzz second attack takes a colorless, as Magmar's does not.  You could
stand to drop a few energy to make room for card slots.  Also, if you plan
to run 3 or more colors....Energy Retrieval is definately a must.  I even
use them in my 2 color decks a lot of the time.  If you can fit it in, I
would also run another SER.  The decks looks good, with a chance to be
tweaked to make it even better.  One other thing, you might want to drop the
Chansey to make room for the Item Finder and Scoop.  You HAVE to trust me on
this.  If you Scoop something that only takes 1 Energy to attack, and is
about to die, DO IT!!  That way you can throw something out there that
attacks for 1 also, place your energy, and you just denied your opponent a
prize card!  Thanks for the deck and good luck.



My deck has done rather well.  I've won a large scale
tournament of about 50 people.  I usually win at the
Pokemon League I go to every week.  The problem is
when I run into a deck which is very similar to mine.
Well, any way, here is the deck, hopefully you can
help me.  My card-stock is not a problem.  I have lots
of cards, and if I don't already have it, I can
probably get it.


4 Double-Colorless Energy
8 Fighting Energy
6 Fire Energy
8 Lightning

2 Chansey
3 Ditto
4 Electabuzz
3 Farfetch'd
4 Hitmonchan
2 Magmar

2 Computer Search
4 Energy Removal
2 Gust of Wind
2 Professor Oak
1 Recycle
2 Scoop Up
3 Super Energy Removal

The deck is very similar to a "Haymaker".  A lot of
people think that having 4 energy types (including
colorless) is crazy.  But the deck seems to work.  The
Scoop Up(s) are for Chansey if I'm using him to stall.
  The seven removals are to make the defending pokemon
helpless while I kill them.  Gust of Wind is just to
help with the killing.  Two Oaks incase I get into
trouble, Computer Searches are used to get them.
Recycle is for the chance that sometime I might just
need one of those cards that are in my discard pile.

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