First of all, you have way too many families.  So let's cut the
Charmander family, and keep the others at 3/2.  Magmar is gonna be your
heavy hitter, so we will keep 4 of him.  I would also drop the 2 Clefairy,
and run either Scyther, or add some Electric Energy and some Electabuzz
(since your weakness is Water, and Buzz kills Water.)
   Potions and Super Potions are doody right now, so drop them for more card
drawing, or some Pokemon Traders, since we have a lot of families.  I would
keep the Energy like it is, or if you add Buzz drop 6 of them for Electric
Energy and also add a few DCE's, and some Energy Retrievals.  That should
just about do it.  Thanks for the deck, and good luck.

21 Fire Energy

4 Charmander (evolves into Charmelon)
3 Charmelon (Powerful Flamethrower and 70 HP)
3 Vulpix (evolves into Ninetales)
2 Ninetales (Powerful Fire Blast (takes out Haymakers easily) 80 HP)
3 Growlithes (evolves into Arcanine
2 Arcanine (Powerful Take Down and 100 HP)
4 Magmar (fossil) (Hold off enemy till you can charge of Charmelon,
Ninetales, Clefairy or Arcanine)
2 Clefairy (Metronome helps a whole lot mostly in Charizards case (takes out
alot of his health though Clefairy is dead next turn unless Charizard is
still recharging)

2 Gust of Wind (to pull out the weak pokemon (helps against the Rain Dace)
3 PlusPowers (makes their attack more powerful (also if Clefairys fighting
Charizard with two PlusPowers and does Metronome Charizard is dead)
2 Potions (To Heal,specificly Arcainnine after is hurts itslef)
2 Super Potions (Same as potion)
3 Switches (Get Pokemon in and out (Clefairy mainly)
1 Prof. Oak (If you got bad cards)
3 Energy Removals (Helps against Rain Dance)

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