This is a very inventive deck.  I like the fact that you are running the
new Dragonair in here.  It looks like the deck might be a good tourney
contender.  So let's change a few things to see if it helps.

   Raindance can get away with running a small amount of Energy, so let's
drop some Water Energy to make room for more Trainers.  About the only thing
I can think of is to drop 4 Water and add another NGR, Oak, Bill, and Item
Finder.  Try that out and see if it works.  Thanks for the deck, and good


Here is my team rocket blastoise insanity deck.

4x squrtle(2base,2TR)
3x blastoise
3x dark blastoise
3x TR dratini
2x dark dragonair

18x water energy
3x full heal energy

3x bill
3x professor oak
4x computer search
4x pokemon breeder
4x the boss' way
3x nightly garbage run
3x item finder

     the strategy is to evolve as many dratinis into dark dragonairs on turn
two using computer search, bill, the boss' way and professor oak.then start
then start searching for blastoise and dark blastoise, using dark dragonairs
power then  evolve using pokemon breeders.use raindance from the bench to
fuel dark blastoises hydro cannon which can do 70 for 4 energy to kill all
haymaker pokemon. full heal energy can wipe out paralisis and when dark
blastiose is KOed.nightly garbage run can retrieve him, squrtle and an
energy, then item finder can get you a pokemon breeder, to start over again.


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