You definitely need more Pokemon and more Energy and less Trainers.  Lass
will wreck you.  If you want to run the Pokemon you have listed....I suggest
3 of each of the last 3 Pokemon.

  As for Trainers, I would drop a bunch of them.  First thing is PokeCenter.
  There is only 1 of it, and you don't want to find yourself depending on it
later.  If you are only going to run 3/2 Removal, drop it.  Otherwise, add
more and cut the fat.  Since this isn't Haymaker, drop PlusPower.  This
deck's energy requirements are pretty stiff, so when you are able to attack,
you will most likely be doing KO'ing more oft than not.  I strongly believe
you shouldn't run Lass and RSA.  Lass is far superior, so I would run her. 
But, if you have to, run RSA.  Whichever works better for you.  As for
Energy, add more Full Heals and more Grass, and that should about do it for
ya'.  Thanks for the deck, and good luck.




Pokemon 11

4 venonat
3 venonmoth
2 scyther
1 ditto
1 chansey

Trainer 34

3 pro. oak
2 scoop up
2 gow
3 bill
2 energy retrieval
1 pokecenter
2 lass
3 pluspower
3 er
2 ser
2 comp search
2 item finder
2 nightly garbage run
3 rocket's sneak attack

18 energy

12 grass
4 dce
1 potion energy
1 full heal energy

Sincerely Nick T. aka. Methane Man
Thank you

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