Well, first off, nice deck.  It has promise, if you tweak it big-time. 
You are severly allergic to Fighting, and Hitmonchan is still poking his
nose around in the tourney scene.  Speed is what wins the tourneys, and
evolves tend to take away from that speed.  You might be able to pull it
off, with Traders or severe card drawing.  One strategy I am still testing
is 4 Kangaskhan, 4 Bill, and 4 Scoop Up.  You can card draw with the Bills
and the Kangaskhan, and then pull them out when they are near death with the
Scoops, if you want.  That way you don't rip thru your deck with Oaks and
then, all of a sudden, have no deck left.

    You definately need more Trainers.  I can't stress it enuf.  Trainers
win the game.  You can only go so far with Pokemon.  I have not found a good
use for Energy Search yet, other than 3 or more color decks.  About the only
other thing I would do, is throw some resist to fighting in there, Scyther,
and maybe Doduo/Dodrio.  Good luck.



Pikachu X4 (JN)
Raichu X4 (FS)
Magnemite X4
Magneton X2 (FS)
Zapdos X3 (FS)
Dratini X4
Dragonair X2
Dragonite X1 (FS)

Bill X2
Energy Search X4
Potion X2
Lighting Energy X26

  The only reason I built this deck is cause some kid at school said that I
couldn't build a deck with any versatility.  HA!  Well, I just built this
deck to show him how wrong he was.  And guess what?  This has to be one of
the best decks I've ever built.  Thank you so much Dylan.  HAHAHA!  Well the
object of this deck is to beat down your opponent's bench and then bring out
the heavy hitters like Dragonite and Magneton.  I haven't played with this
deck alot but I've played with it enough to realize it's full potentinal.  I
really hope that you will post my deck.
                                             Mew2oo1 AKA Pika410

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