Not a bad idea, but you have a lot of things let's fix them. 
Let's start with the Pokemon.
   You don't need the lone Puff...he's good, but not just one of him.  I
would turn him into a Scyther.  I would also add another Hitmo.  As for the
Gastly family, I would run 4/3/3 if possible, or 4/3/2 if you don't have the
room.  And definitely keep the 3 Mewtwo.
   Since energy is next on the list, I would definitely tone that down as
well.  8 Fighting, 3 DCE, and 12 Psychic should cover it....that was easy.
   And last, but not least, the Trainers.  They are too wacky.  As for card
drawing, I would go 3 Oak, 1 Comp Search, and 3 Bill.  Since your deck is a
little bit energy intensive, I wouldn't run Removal at all.  4 Gusts is a
bit much....2-3 are better.  And, I wouldn't run both Retrieval and Garbage
Run, I would run one or the other.  I would go with NGR for this deck,
mainly because of its huge card drawing potential.  That way you can ditch
evolves, and throw them right back in.  As for the rest, use your head.  Use
what you feel is best for the deck.  If you need all means,
use it.  Thanks for the deck, and good luck!



Hello, I need help to make this deck awesome.  I knmow
that you post this on the web page but bould you also
reply in email to tell me that you are helping me with
my deck.  Please email me ASAP when you have a chance
to.  I love building decks and need to know if this is
the one to stick with...OK here it is

                   MewChan's Absorption
2 Scythers
2 Hitmonchans
3 Mewtwo(movie)
1 Gastly(fossil)
1 Haunter(fossil)
1 Chansey
1 Jigglypuff

3 Grass
10 Fighting
13 Psycic

2  ER
2 Plus Powers
2 Bills
2 Professor Oaks
1 Potion
2 Super Potion
4 Gust of Winds
2 Energy Searches
2 Nightly Garbage Run

Please email me ASAP-Thanks so much--Justin

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