Speed seems to be the "Buzz" on the tourney scene today.  Everything needs
to be fast.  And if it's not fast...it makes sure you slow down.  The things
in here that are screwing you are...the Base Set Magmar...drop them and add
another Fossil...I hate to say it, but the Ponyta/Rapidash line seems to be
in there just to take up slots.  Agility is hard to pull of against E.R. and
it is still a coin-flip...and finally...the Fossil Zapdos.  No matter how
late game they are.....good luck getting them out against E.R.  All of the
tourney winning decks are running removal now, more than ever.  Late game
power seems to be leaning toward Colorless Basics and Families.  Throwing
down a Puff with an energy and dropping a Double next turn with a Tuff is
about as good as they get.  You might try that, or Doduo/Dodrio,
Dratini/Dragonair, Clefairy/Clefable, or even Ditto:D.  I'd drop 2 Gusts, a
Plus Power, add one of the above families or Ditto, drop 1-2 E.R. add 2-4
S.E.R., add Item Finders and Comp Searches.  Remember, if you aren't fast,
make sure your opponent isn't.  Keep practicing and good luck.



hey, i sent this to all the deck mechanics for varied responses on what to

Pokemon (15)
2 Magmar (mmmm...power)
2 Fossil Magmar (soo annoying)

3 Ponyta
2 Rapidash (agility!!)

4 Electabuzz (speed!)
2 Fossil Zapdos (when pumped, a hazard)

Trainers (17)
2 Prof Oak (2's enough)
4 Bill (Bill's the best!)
4 Gust Of Wind (easy kills)
4 Energy Removal (dbl colors)
3 Plus Power (extra boost for 70 hp kills)

Energy (28)
14 Fire Energy
14 Electric Energy

This deck mainly is fast, just not haymaker fast, but, more power.  The buzz
is a good starter, so is the fossil magmar, reg. magmar is for the really
annoying grass ones like arbok and venusaur, esp. scyther. Magmar+fire
punch+pluspower=dead scyther, venomoth, etc. the zapdos is for the late game
cleanup, where it takes everything out with thunderstorm, and gust of wind
selects the toughest pokemon so that 40 damage isnt wasted.  can i do
anything to help this deck?  my friend keeps on beating me, even though he
only plays pinsir, venomoth, and scyther, hes the "bob" in jared's elite
decks, the "tropical paradise."  his deck is very good.  what can i do to
make this deck better?