First of all, drop the 2 ER for more Energy.  Whichever you think you
need more of, I would try to run 3-4 DCE's.  As for the Pokemon, I would
drop the Kangas.  You have a lot of colorless, and you dont want it all to
be weak to Fight do you?  I would add another Chansey and Ditto.  I would
drop the Pinsir for another Scyther.
   Then, I would drop a Bill for an Oak, and change the Energy Retrievals to
NGR's, that way you can afford to use those Oaks.  Thanks for the deck, and
good luck.



Please help ! This deck is pretty good , but I need some advice.

*Poisonous Stinger*



1 Pinsir

2 Scyther

2 Chansey

3 Grimer

2 Muk

2 Kanghaskhan

2 Ditto

4 Weedle

3 Kakuna

2 Beedrill


2 energy removal

2 Prof. Oak

2 computer search

2 gust of wind

4 bill

2 scoop up

2 energy retrieval



19 grass energy

1 full heal energy


While playing with this deck I discovered multiple strategies,... but my
favorite is to get Muk on the bench so it is much easier to kill archetypes,
especially raindance. Also use Beedrill (and possibly Muk ) to poison the
opponents pokemon. And... since Pinsir can paralyze he can be helpful with
inflicting status effects and/or stopping the enemy from attacking !
Raticate's Super Fang is helpful against pokemon with high HP, and Chansey
is a good defender while my other pokemon charge up their attacks
(explaining why I use scoop up a VERY GOOD trainer in my opinion ) oh.. and
Scyther is a good addition to just about any deck. Of course all these
pokemon work by themselves or together !

Thanks for looking at my deck !

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