Hmmm...I believe they call this "Sponge", but that is beside the point. 

<editor's note:  This is NOT Sponge.  Sponge uses Mewtwo and Electabuzz - did not want all my main Pokemon seriously weak to one powerhouse.  -Scott>

Let's get on to the fixing.
   First of all, if your opponent is playing MP Mewtwo, each and every one
of your Pokemon are weak to it, so then it turns into a whoever hits first
war.  So, we need to fix that.  That means we should either run something
that resists Psy, or something that can kill it fast.  Since the only things
that kill it in one shot are MP Mewtwo and Ditto, and they are already in
the deck, we won't be bothering with them.  I would say something like
Chansey or Kangas, or your best bet would be Puff/Tuff.  If you could
squeeze them in there it would be good.
   As for Trainers, take out the Energy Search, and add either more Bill,
Oak, ER, and SER, or use them to make room for whatever you decide to throw
in.  Here's what I would do.  I would take out the Energy Search, and add
the above, and then take out 3 Psy, and 4 Fight, and run 3/2 Puff/Tuff and 2
Energy Retrieval, or NGR depending on whichever you like better, and you
will also need to add 2-4 DCE's.  This deck can get away with running a low
amount of Energy, b/c of MP Mewtwo's ability.  The only other thing I can
see that needs changing is to probably drop 1 Hitmo, and use that slot
instead of a Fight Energy for the Retreival, or NGR.


I've been using this deck for awhile, and it has done pretty well.  Please
see if you can find any room for improvement.

Pokemon:  11
4 MP Mewtwo
4 Hitmonchan
3 Ditto

Trainers:  26
4 Computer Search
3 Prof. Oak
3 Bill
3 ER
3 Gust of Wind
3 Scoop Up
4 Energy Search

Energy:  23
13 Psychic Energy
10 Fighting Energy

The strategy is basically to get out Mewtwo and discard some energy via Oak
or Comp Search and use Energy Absorption to get it back and hit for 40 on
turn 2.  The Hitmonchan gets around Psy resistance and Ditto seemed like a
good colorless addition.

One of the problems I have run into is Scyther.  I sometimes find my
Hitmonchan ER'd down to nothing as I draw cards aimlessly.  A quick Scoop Up
seems to help, though.  Also, I was considering whether or not to include
Plus Powers (instead of ER's?), but I'm not sure if that's a good idea or
not.  Thanks.


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